Nokia 3310 Spy Bug Phone

Nokia 3310 Spy Bug PhoneYou can use this Nokia 3310 Spy Bug Phone as a regular mobile to make and receive calls, send texts and so on. However, it has two fantastic additional features:

1) Spy Mode: This feature enables you to leave the Spy Phone unattended and then dial into it from any phone anywhere in the world to listen in to what is going on around it. The audio quality is superb and the phone will not light up, make a sound or indeed give any other sign of life. Onlookers can even handle the phone and push buttons…the phone will appear totally dead. When you have finished using the phone as a bug, you can quickly reset it for normal use.

2) Text Message Security: this feature allows you to protect the text messages in your Inbox & Outbox by requiring the phone’s security code to be entered before access is allowed.

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Leopard postponed to support Windows Vista?

Mac OS X LeopardDigitimes is reporting that the next release of Mac OS X, code-named Leopard, will not ship until October of this year as Apple works to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista.

If Leopard supports only Windows XP, then the chances of the new OS attracting Windows users to buy an Apple computer decreases, stated industry observers, noting that with Vista support, Apple’s chances of increasing its share of the PC market would increase.

Windows VistaSounds a little hard to believe, but Apple wants to make sure that Mac owners will be able to run Vista and Leopard on the same machine.

But how much does Vista compatibility matter to Apple and current/future Apple buyers? With a number of existing Microsoft customers holding off from upgrading to Vista for a variety of reasons, does Vista compatibility really merit delaying a new product release by several months?

The first million dollar laptop

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  • Date: Mar 24,2007

Another excuse to spend One Million Dollars!

Stop complaining about laptops costing more than a couple of thousand dollars, because a London based luxury company, Luvaglio, is selling a jeweled one for one million dollars.

The million dollar notebook integrate real diamonds and other precious jewelry into the the system. However I think this Laptop theft will be, by far, the world’s costliest and most popular computer crime. So if you buy one be sure you will be on the target list 🙂

Via LuxuryLaunches

The first million dollar laptop

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