The popularity of smartphones has also caused a rise in mobile malware attacks, increasing the need for protective measures, says Unstrung Insider

As more mobile subscribers make the move to smartphones, growing security threats from mobile malware are spurring increased demand for more robust applications that minimize the potential impact of malware on mobile services, according to the latest report from Unstrung Insider (, a paid research service from Unstrung ( and TechWeb’s Light Reading (

Smartphone Security: Solving the Mobile Malware Problem examines the mobile malware security sector, including analysis of the most imminent mobile malware threats, how solutions to counter mobile malware are shaping up, and strategies for carriers, enterprises, and end users to address the malware issue. The report also examines what to expect for the next 12 to 18 months in the mobile malware security market, including a look at markets that are targeted by mobile malware security vendors, as well as vendors’ plans for growth and development. Finally, the report provides a comparative analysis of 11 of the top vendors in the mobile malware security industry.

For a list of companies analyzed in this report, please see:

“Despite all the benefits smartphones offer, one considerable disadvantage is mobile malware designed to damage or disrupt mobile systems,” notes Denise Culver, research analyst with Unstrung Insider and author of the report. “Mobile malware threats are on the rise, especially as smartphones increase in popularity, because smartphone operating systems are a primary malware target.”

Security applications are aimed at minimizing the malware threat before a full-fledged attack can occur, Culver says. “Mobile malware security vendors are preparing for wide-scale attacks by hackers — attacks that eventually will be as headline grabbing as those that hit email systems,” she notes. “Their hope is that smartphone manufacturers, carriers, and enterprises — not to mention smartphone users — will not wait until the threats have reached that level before securing their mobile systems.”

Key findings of Smartphone Security: Solving the Mobile Malware Problem include:

  • Mobile operating systems and downloads, both of which are increasingly similar to those found on PCs, are significant problem areas for mobile malware threats.
  • Carriers will begin offering mobile malware services as a way to compete and differentiate themselves in the market over the next 12 months.
  • A number of factors must be considered when budgeting for mobile malware security, including the customer’s risk profile and the type of applications run on the device.
  • The SMB market is one of the strongest for mobile malware security vendors.

Smartphone Security: Solving the Mobile Malware Problem is available as part of an annual single-user subscription (12 monthly issues) to Unstrung Insider, priced at $1,595. Individual reports are available for $900 (single-user license).

Source: Unstrung Insider

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