NormSoft Introduces Pocket Tunes Radio on iPhone and iPod touch

NormSoft, Inc. announced the availability of Pocket Tunes(TM) Radio, bringing the Internet radio features of their award-winning Pocket Tunes application to the iPhone(TM) and iPod(R) touch. Pocket Tunes Radio provides access to thousands of stations by browsing the web or the built-in catalog and supports the most popular and highest-quality streaming formats: aacPlus v2, WMA, and MP3.

The application is designed for easy station selection without sacrificing the flexibility to choose and save your favorites. Pocket Tunes Radio pioneers the ability to browse the web and select exactly the stations that you want to hear by simply tapping on the radio link, while also including a large pre-populated catalog of stations for convenience. The integrated browser also frees the user, allowing for general purpose web browsing while listening to radio on their device.

“Pocket Tunes Radio provides an unprecedented level of selection of high-quality radio stations on the iPhone and iPod Touch,” said Tim Norman, Founder of NormSoft. “Pocket Tunes customers have been listening to radio on their phones for over five years now, and we’re excited to bring this capability to the iPhone and iPod touch. Our years of experience with Pocket Tunes have allowed us to create a robust, elegant, and fully-featured application.”

Pocket Tunes Radio can be purchased from the iPhone’s App Store and works on any iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 2.1 or later.

New SBCs Provide Easy Path for Embedded Developers to Create Wireless Control Products or Wireless Gateways

Rabbit, a Digi International brand, introduced the BL4S100 and BL4S200, single board computers (SBCs) that feature either Wi-Fi or ZigBee(R) connectivity, a microprocessor, memory and abundant I/O that allow easy deployment of wireless nodes for industrial, commercial and medical applications. This unique combination of control, I/O and connectivity makes it easy for engineers to add wireless connectivity and control to devices like vision systems, wireless industrial control systems, printing systems, automatic meter reading devices, industrial ventilation systems and HVAC systems. They also allow design engineers to easily gather and control data from ZigBee nodes and uplink the data to a server via Ethernet providing an easy to deploy ZigBee-to-Ethernet gateway.

“With Rabbit SBCs, embedded developers start with a virtually complete piece of hardware and only have to add software and an enclosure to create a product,” said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, Digi International. “Now embedded developers have the fastest, easiest path to a wireless control product or wireless gateway. They can literally get to market in a few months.”

The BL4S100 series offers both ZigBee and Ethernet connectivity and provides embedded design engineers a simple and straightforward approach for machine control and data acquisition without the burden of cables and wiring harnesses. It allows design engineers to deploy ZigBee nodes at various control points and connect those nodes wirelessly to the BL4S100 board. The BL4S100 SBC can then gather and collate the data from the ZigBee nodes and uplink it to a server via Ethernet. For example, hospitals can use the BL4S100 to link instruments via ZigBee to a server to maintain patient data easily and efficiently. It can also be used in a similar network configuration to control temperature and lighting in a building.

The high-performance BL4S200 series delivers higher clock speeds and twice the I/O as the BL4S100 series and offers a choice of Wi-Fi or ZigBee connectivity. It is ideal for applications that require significant digital and analog I/O such as data logging, instrument reading, and controlling motors, relays and solenoids. For example, companies can deploy ZigBee peer- to-peer networks using the BL4S200 series to control and monitor production processes then uplink data to a central command system.

Based on the Rabbit(R) 4000 microprocessor, the BL4S100 series features analog inputs, general purpose I/O, serial ports, and ZigBee and 10 Base-T Ethernet connectivity to provide design resources for commercial and industrial applications. Digi’s XBee ZB RF modules are also compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee PRO compliant devices providing outstanding node choice flexibility. Based on the Rabbit 4000 and Rabbit 5000 microprocessors, the BL4S200 series features Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Ethernet networking options. It also includes a broad range of configurable I/O resources, I/O expansion using Rabbit’s RIO chip, and multi-channel analog inputs and outputs.

BL4S100 and BL4S200 development kits are available that include the essential hardware and software tools necessary, including Rabbit’s popular Dynamic C integrated development environment, to make embedded development easy. BL4S100 kits are available for $199. BL4S200 kits are available for $299. BL4S100 SBCs are available in 500+ quantities starting at $98. BL4S200 SBCs are available in 500+ quantities starting at $176. For more information, visit .

Source: Digi International

It doesn’t matter where you hunt or what you’re after, there are some things all hunting adventures have in common: you need to bring plenty of food, drinks and other provisions into the Great Outdoors.

Hopefully, you need to bring plenty of game or fowl back home with you to share with family and friends. And most importantly, you need it all to stay icy cold and fresh for days on end while you’re out there, regardless of what nature throws your way.

The Engel 146-quart cooler from leading innovator Engel(R) USA is built to do all this and more, providing hunters with the rugged construction, superior cold retention and high-caliber capacity to fuel every outdoor adventure.

It begins with Engel’s patented, computer-aided design that ensures a perfect lid fit and seal for the best possible performance in the harshest conditions.

Rotationally molded construction using high-impact plastic allows for seamless, double-walled construction that stands up to tough conditions and treatment. E

very Engel plastic cooler also features an integrated full-length hinge, sturdy non-skid lid (with dual corner locking holes), molded handgrips and heavy-duty rope handles. Stand on it. Use it as a seat. Toss it the back of your pickup or strap it to your ATV for a ride over teeth-jarring terrain — this unique ice chest was designed by avid outdoorsmen for avid outdoorsmen.

Two inches of high-quality polyurethane insulation ensures that the Engel 146-quart cooler keeps ice longer and food/game fresher, so you can extend your time in the wild.

A home freezer-style gasket and three recessed marine-grade draw latches — secured by threads molded into the cooler — help keep all the cold in while keeping warm air, dirt and moisture out.

Other notable features include integrated tie down points for safe and secure vehicle attachment, as well as large, non-marking rubber feet that keep the Engel 146-quart cooler from sliding around on any surface. For easy cleaning and removal of melt water, Engel uses a unique easy open plug that stays secure, yet drains the cooler completely with just one turn.

Source: Engel USA

GCN Best Product of 2008 – Supermicro SuperServer

‘A Truly Super Server’, ‘Truly the Best of the Best’

Super Micro Computer, Inc., a leader in application-optimized, high performance server solutions, announced that GCN (Government Computer News) has rated the Supermicro SuperServer 6015W-NTR the overall Best Product of 2008. GCN describes the SuperServer as “a truly super server” and “truly the best of the best for the year.” Based on GCN Lab test results in September, the 6015W-NTR earned the top honor with straight A’s and proved superior to competitive product offerings from HP, Dell and Fujitsu on both performance and value.

“Earning the Best Product of 2008 designation from GCN over hundreds of other products clearly underlines the performance, flexibility, capacity, scalability and price/performance ratio that our SuperServers deliver,” said Charles Liang, CEO and president of Supermicro. “Our advanced server designs continue to win more and more recognition and awards, which reflects Supermicro’s engineering expertise and passion for providing customers with the best possible products. Most recently, Channel Insider recognized our SuperServer as the Best Server of the Year in 2008. Earlier this year, our SuperBlade(R) not only earned both a CRN Test Center Recommended award and later the #1 ranking in a head-to-head CRN Tech blade review over IBM and Dell, but also won the Best Green Data Center award at BladeSystems Insight 2008.”

“We rated the Supermicro SuperServer SYS-6015W-NTRB the overall best product of the year because of its power, upgradeability and especially price.” GCN concluded, “It would be a good choice for any network administrator who needs a Web server or, in fact, any kind of server. It is the best product we reviewed in 2008.”

Powered by Supermicro’s X7DWU serverboard, the 6015W-NTR supports two quad-core Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors with a bus speed up to 1600MHz. This optimized Web server also features Supermicro’s flexible Universal I/O (UIO) architecture as an option to offer up to three add-on cards in a standard 1U form factor. With eight memory slots it supports up to 64GB of either standard 1.8-volt or energy-efficient 1.5-volt fully buffered DDR2 memory (up to 800MHz). Other outstanding features include four 3.5″ hot-swap disk drive trays, high-efficiency 650-watt redundant power supplies, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and an optional front-side USB/COM port tray.

In addition to the 6015W-NTR, Supermicro also offers the SuperServer 1025C-URB, which supports eight hot-swap 2.5″ hard disk drives to deliver even higher storage performance and lower overall system power consumption. The 1025C-URB also features Supermicro’s innovative UIO technology to provide flexible I/O configuration choices including InfiniBand, SAS RAID 5 and 10Gb Ethernet cards, while supporting up to three add-on cards in 1U.

Read the entire GCN article entitled, “The few, the proud, THE BEST” in the December 15th issue and at For more information on Supermicro’s complete line of Server Building Block Solutions(R) go to

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