New Models Feature Innovative Technology and Provide Enhanced Customized Solutions

Ricoh Americas Corporation introduced the Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 Digital Imaging Systems. Ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, the MP 2851 and MP 3351 provide quality features Ricoh is known for, such as color scanning capabilities and secure document storage, as well as an increased print speed of 28 pages-per-minute (ppm) with the MP 2851. The MP 2851 and MP 3351 also feature solutions-based technology that provides a customized and unique user experience with Personal Paperless Document Manager(TM) (PPDM) and App2Me®, a brand new technology available in early 2010.

Enabling users to capture, combine, convert and share three different document types, including paper, PDF and Microsoft® Office files, PPDM makes document distribution easy, secure and efficient. Users can send paper and electronic files to virtually any destination including email, FTP sites, Web folders and content management systems. With PPDM, paper originals can be transformed into fully editable Microsoft Office documents or converted into WAV audio files. In addition, data from fillable forms can be extracted into a .csv file for analysis. PPDM also creates custom workflows for users, displaying a personalized view through the interface at their workstation.

The Aficio MP 2851 and the MP 3351 ship standard with one PPDM license and offer an upgrade path for four additional licenses at a discount of more than 80 percent off MSRP at time of purchase.

The Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 are the first digital imaging systems to feature Ricoh’s new innovative widget-based technology, App2Me. A revolutionary document management solution, App2Me enables users to create customized workflows and execute them anywhere there is a MP 2851 and/or MP 3351. Easy to use and compatible with laptops, desktop computers and various mobile devices, App2Me provides a unique, personalized workflow experience. After its official launch in early 2010, App2Me will be enabled throughout the Ricoh MFP lineup.

“We are pleased to introduce the Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 which continue Ricoh’s commitment to offer solutions-based products to our customers,” said Michael Hunter, director of product marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Through a combination of high-level security and affordability, these models greatly improve users’ workflow with the latest innovation required for today’s market”.

In today’s business environment, security plays a crucial role, especially since compliance regulations, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley make it necessary to keep confidential records secure. With the Aficio MP 2851/MP 3351, administrators can restrict access to the system to only users who are authorized with various authentication methods. The Locked Print feature is another security function that allows users to protect confidential documents from being seen or accidentally picked up in the output tray by unauthorized parties. For organizations to meet the highest security requirements, customers can also use the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) to prevent the possibility of reconstructing data from “latent images” on the internal hard drive.

The Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 improve overall productivity with print speeds of 28 pages per minute (ppm) and 33 ppm, respectively. Designed to make professional business documents easier to produce, the MP 2851 and MP 3351 offer a new external keyboard that allows for fast and comfortable data entry when configured with eCopy or GlobalScan NX solutions, as well as a variety of finishing options, including a 1,000-sheet booklet finisher with optional hole-punching. These models also include special design features that provide ease of use, such as a large Full-Color VGA Control Touch Panel, easy-access paper tray handles and animated menu guidance. The MP 2851 and MP 3351 come standard with monochrome printing and copying, plus color and black-and-white scanning capabilities.

The Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 are the replacement models for the MP 2550 & MP 3350 SP/SPF engines. Ricoh will continue to keep the MP 2550B & MP 3350B in the product line as a low-cost copier solution with a flexible upgrade path to monochrome printing, scanning & faxing.

The Aficio MP 2851 and MP 3351 models are available at the suggested retail prices of $7,600 and $9,250 respectively.

Source: Ricoh Americas Corporation

Garmin, Mio and Navigon ship Portable Navigation Devices based on Siano’s state-of-the-art, multi-standard MDTV receiver chip technology

Leading mobile TV chip maker, Siano Mobile Silicon, announced that the world’s largest Personal Navigation Device (PND) makers, Garmin, Mio, Navigon and others – have integrated its leading MDTV receiver chips into their latest consumer GPS products. The design wins represent a major penetration of the consumer GPS market for Siano, further enhancing its position as a one-stop shop for MDTV chip solutions in emerging mobile TV markets.

Based on Siano’s family of high-performing receiver chips, the PND devices will offer a superior mobile digital TV (MDTV) viewing experience – enabling reception in the most extreme conditions to meet the high demands of PND users, such as crystal clear reception in tough urban canyons, and when traveling at high speeds. Siano enables all vendors with ‘free-to-the-user’ mobile TV viewing, transmitting television programmes from major terrestrial television channels. Representative of Siano’s global market reach, the navigation plus TV devices with Siano inside are available in Korea, Europe, China, and Brazil, supporting the different mobile TV technologies of these regions.

“Personal Navigation is a perfect fit for mobile TV roll-out.” said Alon Ironi, CEO of Siano. “Characterized by large screens, powerful graphics/video performance and mobility – digital television on-the-go is the ultimate complementary feature for navigation devices. We are excited to be working with the top global PND brands – and look forward to accelerating the adoption of mobile TV into GPS consumer markets worldwide.”

Michelle Abraham, Principal Analyst covering mobile TV at research firm In-Stat, added: “Mobile TV opens up audiences and markets for PND vendors. Given the consumers’ desire to access multimedia content on the go, combining GPS with additional entertainment services such as mobile TV is a must have criterion for PND players to maintain their competitive edge in the market.”

Siano will be demonstrating the latest in MDTV innovations at the upcoming CES exhibition in Las Vegas, 7-10 January, at the Hilton Central Tower.

Source: Siano Mobile Silicon

Virtual Recreation of Enigma Machine is Beaten 40% of the Time by TopCoder Marathon Match Winning Algorithm

TopCoder®, Inc., announced the winning algorithm in a coding competition challenging competitors to crack the famous World War II Enigma encryption machine. Building on some of the ideas of his predecessors, TopCoder member Po-Ru Loh, aka ploh, a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at MIT, was able to partially defeat the machine with consistency. Although Loh’s winning algorithm was unable to crack the complex code every time, he managed to successfully solve about 40% of the cases.

The competition challenged TopCoder members to quickly reproduce a mathematical feat accomplished by thousands of Allied mathematicians and code-breakers at the famous Bletchley Park encrypted intelligence headquarters during World War II. Competitors were informed of the workings of a virtual replica of the machine, but were given no information about the details of its wiring, and had to write computer algorithms which learned about the wiring by looking only at encoded messages. Unlike the original code breakers in the 1940’s, the competitors were not helped by protocol mistakes or information from espionage (the key to much of the wartime operational success). To make the challenge slightly easier (indeed the problem would be impossible otherwise) competitors were also given the decoded versions of a handful of messages. From this information set, they were told to crack the code using a computer algorithm.

While the protocol used in the contest was much more difficult than that used in World War II, the competitors did have one advantage over their predecessors. Though the mathematicians at Bletchley Park built some of the world’s first computers, they were billions of times slower than the computers of today. Competitors could harness the horsepower of modern machines to break the Enigma machine even when the machine was used perfectly and its internal workings were entirely unknown

Although initially it appeared the Enigma machine, when used properly, might prove too difficult a problem for competitors even with the aid powerful modern computers, ten days into the Marathon Match competition Loh made the breakthrough with his winning algorithm, for which he earned a $1,500 cash prize. Second and third place runners up were David Stolp of Durham, CA, and Eugene Valsilchenko of North Potomac, MD.

“We have been experiencing a significant growth in interest from clients in exploring what the TopCoder community can deliver in terms of cyber security and countermeasure solution,” said Rob Hughes, President and COO of TopCoder, Inc. “With increasing concern over cyber terrorism in the form of online attacks on utility grids, hacking of military command feeds and compromising of sensitive financial and healthcare information systems, demonstrated encryption and countermeasure skills are an attractive core competency of many of our members.”

This competition was the first in a series of three Marathon Matches TopCoder has been hosting for patron NSA.

Source: TopCoder, Inc.

Innovative vehicle mounting cradle for iPhone(r) and iPod touch(r) devices also introduced

Magellan, one of the leading GPS brands, announced its Magellan RoadMate(r) turn-by-turn navigation app is now available from the App Store. Magellan also announced the introduction of a new innovative vehicle mounting cradle for the iPhone and iPod touch devices that will be available in December. The Premium Car Kit offers charging capabilities and provides an elegant car mounting and charging solution for the iPhone device. The cradle adds a GPS receiver for improved navigation accuracy, an amplified speaker for crystal clear directions and enhanced phone call clarity, and Bluetooth(r) to enable hands-free calling.

“The Magellan RoadMate App provides users instant access to Magellan’s innovative, easy-to-use OneTouch(TM) interface, including: vehicle and pedestrian routing, in-app music control, native address book integration and turn-by-turn guidance including Text-to-Speech, all in one integrated and unique navigation experience,” said Peggy Fong, chief operating officer for Magellan.

Magellan RoadMate App features Magellan’s exclusive OneTouch user menu, allowing users to store addresses and personalized searches on one convenient page and easily access them with a single tap. Additionally, the app gives drivers the freedom to choose from a list of route options such as fastest time, shortest distance, most use of highways, or least use of highways to customize the navigation experience.

Other features of the Magellan RoadMate App include:

Preloaded: App and maps are stored on the iPhone or iPod touch devices, allowing navigation to continue even when no cellular coverage is available.

Turn-By-Turn Guidance: Announces maneuvers prior to the turn, enabling users to keep their eyes on the road.

Text-to-Speech: Hear spoken street names with every voice direction to have a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road.

Millions of Points of Interest (POIs): Users have access to 6 million POIs at the touch of their fingertips, including gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, emergency services, shopping and other destinations.

Oversized Keyboard with QuickSpell(r): Our highly acclaimed QuickSpell with SmartCity search lets you enter addresses in a few touches by narrowing your location search.

3D landmarks: Realistic 3D renderings of key landmarks show the way with stunning visual cues.

Highway Lane Assistance: See realistic views of highway signs with clearly displayed lane arrows to help navigate complicated interchanges by positioning the driver in the proper lane for upcoming maneuvers.

Pedestrian Mode: Allows users to easily navigate locations on foot.

Find Your Car: Automatically stores your parking location so you can easily find your way back to your car.

In-App Music Control: Users can control their music directly from the application so they never have to leave the app to access their music.

Native Address/Contact Book: With the touch of a button, users can simply navigate to destinations from stored addresses in the device’s address book.

NAVTEQ On-Board: Map data provided by NAVTEQ, the world leader in digital mapping data and content.

The Magellan RoadMate App (U.S. & Canada maps) is available for an introductory price of $79.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch devices or at The MSRP for the car kit will be $129.99.

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