Revision3 joins Syabas on the DAVID Platform

Syabas, a global provider of over-the-top settop software and hardware and makers of the award winning Popcorn Hour A-110 and newly released C-200, announced that Internet television leader, Revision3, is porting their application to the Syabas DAVID platform.

Revision3 creates and produces original programming for passionate, committed fans who want to watch shows about technology, movies, video games and music that entertain, educate and help to expand their life experiences. The popular content provider, which currently accommodates more than 6 million downloads a month, has been available to current Popcorn Hour users for more than a year.

Announced in May of this year, the DAVID platform consists of a new software development kit (SDK) and an over-the-top settop device profile that incorporates the ability to develop and deploy applications to the company’s app store portal. A working prototype of the new settop box will be launched at CES Unveiled in January. Developers can sign up for the program at Revision3 is one of the more than 200 companies that have signed up to develop applications for the company’s DAVID platform.

“We’re big fans of the Popcorn Hour product line,” said Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3. “We’re not the only ones – they have a huge and passionate following around the world that pairs nicely with our passionate and committed audience. Partnering with Syabas makes perfect sense, because it enables us to further expand our programming reach beyond traditional PCs and mobile devices.”

“We are pleased that  Popcorn Hour customers have enjoyed  Revision3’s original, extremely entertaining and community-driven programs,” said Alex Limberis, COO of Syabas. “We look forward to helping them continue to grow their audience through the exciting advantages the new DAVID platform will bring to our mutual customers.”

Today’s content partnership announcement follows on the heels of news Syabas made in September when the company signed a streaming content partnership agreement with China Television Technology, the largest media content and television programming producer in China.

In addition to streaming Revision3 content, the Popcorn Hour products support the playback of more than 30 Internet video formats, including MPEG 1, 2, 4, AVI, H.264, Xvid, MKV, Windows Media and others. Popcorn Hour products today stream news and entertainment content from a number video partner sites including Vuze, Mediafly, CNET TV, Veoh,, NBC, CBS, CNN and BBC and Internet radio sites, such as Radio box and Live365 Radio.

Highly flexible system simplifies compact, power-sensitive and multi-sensor-based portable designs

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the 100-kSPS ADS8201, a complete on-chip data acquisition system (DAS) that draws only 600 uA of supply current at 2.2 V, resulting in up to 75 percent power savings over discrete implementations. The ADS8201 offers customers system-processing capability by integrating a complete analog signal chain of four chips into one. This level of integration provides greater design flexibility and reduces space, cost, power consumption and design time in portable communications and medical applications, as well as transducer interfaces, and GPS-based and sensor data acquisition systems. For product details see:

Key features and benefits:
— The ADS8201 integrates a 12-bit, capacitor-based, successive approximate register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC); a high-performance continuous-time programmable gain amplifier (PGA); and a fully automatic scan, 8-to-1 multiplexer (mux) with breakout to allow for system flexibility.
— High-impedance PGA and channel mapping allow for direct interface with a wide variety of sensors and for user-configurable gain per channel. — A high-speed, wide-voltage serial interface simplifies serial port design.
— Single-ended and differential-ended inputs allow a wide variety of interface options.
— An eight-deep first in first out (FIFO) permits flexible data reading while reducing overhead on the microprocessor.
— Maximize the ADS8201’s performance for portable communications, industrial and medical applications using TI’s low-noise, high-precision OPA376, OPA364 and OPA340, operational amplifiers, and the low-power REF3020 voltage reference.

Availability and pricing

The ADS8201 is available now in a QFN-16 package. Pricing starts at $2.75 in 1,000-unit quantities. Customers can simplify the tasks of collecting and analyzing ADC data and ease evaluation with the ADCPro modular software system.

Source: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Enables Windows to Boot and Run Directly From External USB Drives

Future Systems Solutions announces Casper 6.0, the latest version of its highly-acclaimed hard disk backup and disk upgrade solution. Casper 6.0 enables the creation of a complete and immediately-bootable PC backup for use when disaster strikes. All Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000 users will benefit from Casper 6.0 by taking advantage of enhanced backup capabilities such as:

— Creation of a complete, immediately-bootable backup replacement for a failed or corrupted hard disk
— Stress-free, rapid recovery. The backup can be tested for viability immediately after being created, and when the backup is needed for use, no special rescue disks or time-consuming restoration of a PC image is required.
— Integrated scheduling with Advanced Power Management. Complete PC Backups can be made unattended, at any time – day or night – even while a user is performing other computing tasks.

Designed to provide a powerful, convenient, and easy-to-use tool for backing up hard disks or upgrading to larger hard disks, Casper 6.0 offers significant features and benefits for all Windows users.

— New! Enhanced support for all versions of Windows 7, including new unctionality available only to Windows 7 users
— New! USB boot capability. Casper 6 creates a fully bootable copy of a Windows system drive that can boot and run directly from an external USB drive. (Requires a computer with BIOS support for booting from USB hard disk type devices)
— New! Solid State Drive (SSD) and LDS support increases the life expectancy and enhances the performance of solid state and long data sector drives
— New! SmartAlert(TM) email notifications let users know when a backup has been completed or only when a backup requires attention for true “set it and forget it” operation
— New! Runtime controls allow users to quickly change power management and notification options after a backup is underway, regardless of how the backup was started

“Casper 6.0 incorporates new technology designed to make backing up and upgrading hard disks an even faster, more reliable, easier to use, and feature-rich experience. In Casper 6, Future Systems Solutions has incorporated product enhancements that enable the company to proudly expand upon a legacy that has earned Casper frequent acclaims from noted PC industry pundits,” said a company spokesman.


Casper 6.0 runs on all versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. It works with any hard disk recognized by Windows, including all SATA, eSATA, ATA/IDE, SCSI, USB, Firewire, and solid state drives – even hardware RAID arrays.

Pricing and Guarantee

Casper 6.0 is available as a download for $49.95 from Future Systems Solutions at or by calling 800-272-5457.

Registered owners of Casper 5.0 may upgrade to Casper 6.0 for $24.95. Consumers who purchased Casper 5.0 on or after September 1, 2009 may upgrade for FREE.

All of our products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. A thirty-day trial version is available at

With New Batteries That Meet Their Evolving Needs

New Line Offers More Power to Meet the Demands of Today’s Vehicles

Duracell announced a line of batteries that address the new power needs of automotive, marine and RV vehicles. With more electronic devices in these vehicles creating a greater drain on batteries, today’s consumer demands power solutions that keep them and their vehicles operating at the highest level. Duracell answers the call with Duracell AGM with Extreme Power, Duracell EHP Advanced Generation, and Duracell Marine & RV batteries. In keeping with the Duracell Smart Power initiative, these batteries address the ever-growing and ever-changing power needs of the modern consumer.

Duracell offers two automotive batteries to suit different needs of the auto enthusiast – Duracell AGM with Extreme Power and Duracell EHP Advanced Generation batteries. Duracell AGM with Extreme Power batteries features Absorbed Glass Mat Technology (AGM) to deliver two times the durability, dependability and long-lasting high-performance to withstand the demands of multiple accessory loads. With this technology, the battery has no free-flowing acid – special micro-fiber glass mats absorb the acid to prevent spilling or leakage – making the battery even suitable for extreme applications like tuner cars and off-road vehicles. The Duracell EHP Advanced Generation batteries are designed to safeguard against damaging temperatures that can decrease battery life to give the driver confidence to start their vehicle in warm or cold conditions.

Some of the harshest battery conditions occur with marine use or extended travel. Duracell Marine & RV batteries have AGM technology which provides extra protection against wave-pounding vibrations or the most demanding road conditions during RV travel. The batteries also safely power electronic accessories (Livewells, GPS systems, hazard lighting, etc.) and offer passengers peace-of-mind, knowing that their electronics are powered.

“The ability to use electronic devices in vehicles is expected by consumers today,” said Bob Jacobs, Duracell marketing director-North America. “They count on these electronics for added convenience, comfort and safety in their vehicles. Duracell automotive and marine batteries deliver the performance that these vehicles need no matter how rough the roads or seas they travel. These new battery offerings reaffirm Duracell’s commitment to reliability, performance and technological innovation and to keeping consumers connected to the devices they need most at all times.”

These power solutions are available at select Meijer stores in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan and will be available at all stores in the beginning of April 2010. They will also be available at West Marine stores in mid to late February 2010 throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit to learn about the full line of products.

These new batteries are being introduced through Duracell’s business alliance with East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc., which was announced May 2009. The world’s largest and most modern single-site, independent battery maker, East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire & cable products for virtually every application.

Source: Procter & Gamble

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