Ideal for the SMB Seeking Enterprise Quality, the D-Link(R) DES-1210 Series Comes With 24 or 48 Ports, Advanced Security Features, and Comprehensive Voice-Ready Integration

D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers and business, announced two new Web Smart(TM) Switches – designed for SMBs/Enterprises seeking to upgrade from unmanaged switches to smart switches – that offer affordability, an easy-to-use interface with a variety of management options, advanced security, and an auto-voice VLAN feature.

The D-Link(R) DES-1210 series comes with 24 and 48 10/100 ports with two Combo 1000Base-T/SFP ports and two 1000Base-T ports. The flexible uplink ports design helps the SMB to deploy network connections between client PC, servers and core network backbones.

With advanced, eco-friendly hardware design, the DES-1210 series Smart Switches include a fan-less feature that is ideal for offices with open spaces that require silent operation and low power consumption. A single LED per port provides at-a-glance port status and achieves low power consumption compared with traditional multi-LED per port design.

The DES-1210 switches feature a SmartConsole Utility, a program for discovering multiple Smart Switches within the same L2 network segment.

Users can easily enable initial settings of multiple Smart Switches without the need of changing the IP address of PCs, allowing hassle-free multiple device firmware upgrades. The switches also offer ease of setup with a default-enabled configuration to allow plug-and-play.

Offering strengthened security, the DES-1210 series has ACL filtering to permit or deny traffic based on MAC and/or IP addresses. The switches provide a complete step-by-step configuration of even the most complicated Access Control List (ACL) settings in a straightforward and simple format. With an ACL wizard and more intuitive setup, users can enable easy and flexible ACL field assignment to block unauthorized access. In addition, DES-1210 series features 802.1x port-based security to keep unauthorized users off the network.

“The D-Link DES-1210 Smart Switch series provides many of the features typically found in managed switches without adding complexity or cost.” said Harrison Albert, Regional Sales Director at D-Link Middle East. “With comprehensive management options, advanced security features and voice network-ready, the DES-1210 is the right choice for the SMB looking for an affordable price with essential components to upgrade from unmanaged switches to managed switches,” Harrison concluded.

With an Auto Voice VLAN feature, the switches seamlessly integrate with the SMB/Enterprise voice network, delivering optimal voice quality, and guaranteeing VoIP bandwidth without complicated settings. They offer DSCP-based QoS to classify voice, data and multicast into different levels to prioritize network traffic and IGMP Snooping to optimize the performance of multicast streaming between servers and clients.

For high reliability, the switches offer Loopback Detection (LBD) to enable the shutdown of loop ports and prevent packet storm from overwhelming the entire network. The DES-1210 series also includes cable diagnostics to troubleshoot basic connectivity problems and simplify network installation.

The DES-1210 Smart Switch series also includes friendly tips, offering the ability to add an example and description on each page to help remind users of the correct setup. Easy to maintain, the switch links to a support website and User Guide with the click of an online help navigation button.

Source: D-Link Middle East

LaCie has announced the release of its new network-attached Storage (NAS) and iSCSI solution for SMBs and corporate satellite offices, the LaCie 12big Rack Network.

To assure rock-solid reliability in demanding 24/7 corporate operating conditions, the 12big Rack Network is built on an Intel® server class motherboard that features two 1GB Ethernet links and a quad-core Xeon® processor. To assure superior performance over its lifetime, the 12big Rack Network is reinforced with a hardware RAID controller (RAIDs 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, and 6), redundant power supplies, and multiple hot-swappable cooling fans. In addition, the 12big Rack Network uses Enterprise Class hard disks, which means superior sustained performance and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Outfitting the Lacie 12big Rack Network with a hardware RAID engine means greater efficiencies in data management, bolstering its high reliability and profound scalability. While the quad-core Xeon processor is designed to successfully serve 500+ users’ requests all the time, the hardware RAID controller XOR engine calculates the massive RAID parities protecting all critical data. With the XOR engine, you can scale the disk capacity upward by connecting an extra 12big Rack Serial through its expansion port without any impact on performance. Even more, the XOR engine strengthens the global system stability by reducing the rebuild time of RAID protected data disk arrays in the unlikely event of a disk failure.

“Clearly, performance, reliability, and flexibility are of utmost importance for any business when choosing a NAS solution,” noted Erwan Girard, LaCie’s Solution Business Unit Manager. “This is exactly what you’ll find with the 12big Rack Network. From 6TB to 48TB, addressable as files or blocks, the solution can scale up without any tradeoff in speed or reliability. Essential features such as an internal backup engine, file deduplication, remote file replication, and global name spaces demonstrate that LaCie wants to make certain that IT professionals have the necessary tools to efficiently manage their data.”

Out of the box, the 12big Rack Network is pre-installed with Microsoft’s ready-to-configure Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition. LaCie demonstrates its commitment to high-end server solutions by running Windows Storage Server from two RAID 1-protected internal 2.5″ disks.

“Windows Storage Server 2008 breaks new barriers in management efficiency and data
protection,” said Eric Jewett, Director, Windows Server Marketing, “Single Instance Storage [SIS] will save data disk space, Active Directory integration will ensure that the 12big Rack Network will seamlessly integrate into the IT ecosystem, DFS- Replication will provide file replication services that can be used in high availability infrastructures, and Bitlocker drive encryption makes certain that confidential data is inaccessible when disks are moved to unauthorized locations. With Microsoft’s server-based solutions, the LaCie 12big Rack Network will actively protect data through local or remote copies thanks to its built-in back up engine running Windows Server Backup.”

Constructed with best-of-breed components, the LaCie 12big Rack Network will store your critical data while offering hassle-free maintenance and scalability without sacrificing performance. Further, LaCie knows that IT professionals demand straightforward solutions, which is why there is no need for additional software licenses, cables, or rack mounting kits as all pieces and features are shipped in the 12big Rack Network box.

The LaCie 12big Rack Network is available in various capacities through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Reseller+, and LaCie Storage Partner starting at the suggested retail price of $7999.00 (excluding VAT).

Jabra GO(TM) 6430 Provides a Solution Designed For the Mobile Worker and is Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2

Hands-free communication is essential while working on the road whether it is from a hotel, airport, or car. GN Netcom, a world leader in innovative headset solutions, has announced the Jabra GO(TM) 6430, a Bluetooth(TM) wireless headset that unites mobile phones and computer based VoIP, allowing for hands-free, unified communications anywhere, anytime. Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 and designed for use in a variety of environments, the Jabra GO 6430 delivers a clearer, more natural audio experience via wideband sound transmission and Noise Blackout(TM), a dual microphone technology that eliminates background noise.

Key workforce trends* show that employees are commonly away from their desk or out of the office, often missing important calls and leading many to cite headsets like the Jabra GO 6430 as an important tool to increase productivity. The Jabra GO 6430 features multiuse connectivity, allowing workers to manage calls seamlessly from both their computer and mobile phones. The Jabra GO 6430 includes a handy travel charger and the Jabra LINK(TM) 350 USB Bluetooth adapter that delivers wideband audio and a wireless range of 300 feet, freeing workers from the tether of their desktop phone. The GO 6430 also incorporates plug and play for easy set up with Office Communicator 2007 R2 and remote call control allowing users to adjust volume, plus answer, end, and mute calls directly from the headset. The efficiency and productivity gains from using a best-in-class headset in the workplace can contribute to a significant return on investment.*

“GN Netcom is a key partner for Microsoft in the unified communications space,” said Moz Hussain, director of the unified communications group at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is dedicated to supporting innovative headsets like the Jabra GO 6430, which increases corporate productivity by letting users stay connected beyond their desktops in a variety of mobile office environments.”

The Jabra GO 6430 allows workers to stay connected while on the go — and with up to six hours of talk time, 100 hours of standby time, and an intelligent sleep-mode that conserves power when not active, there’s no need to charge the headset even when on consecutive conference calls or webinars.

“The Jabra GO 6430 is a prime example of how hands-free and unified communications solutions are expanding away from the desktop office phone,” said Mogens Elsberg, CEO, GN Netcom. “We are essentially increasing productivity for the mobile-centric user, whether a road warrior, a telecommuter, or an office worker who does not want to be bound to a desk and thus lowering cost of ownership by providing one headset for multiple environments.”

The Jabra GO 6430 headset features added comfort and safety features as well. Improved ergonomics include lightweight, allergy tested materials, a comfortable ear hook and optional headband and neckband for use when in the office for all day comfort. Jabra SafeTone technology provides auditory protection shielding users’ hearing by cutting off sound spikes and sudden loud noises, while maintaining safe sound levels throughout the day.

The Jabra GO 6430 Bluetooth headset is currently available through GN Netcom’s global network of authorized distributors and resellers. For further information, please visit

Source: GN Netcom

DCPP version 3.97 compatible with Windows 7

SecurStar, makers of the award winning DriveCrypt software delivers on their commitment to customers providing full compatibility with Windows 7 in their latest version of DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP), a data leakage prevention solution. “We are pleased to deliver ahead of schedule,” said Michael McKinzie, SecurStar’s Director of Business Development. “The need for data encryption is greater than ever with record numbers of incidents and breaches this past year. We only expect this trend to continue,” he added. DCPP is a full or whole disk encryption solution securing the entire hard drive including the Operating System. “We know users have been anxious and are planning early upgrades to Windows 7, so we are glad to be a part of that transition,” McKinzie noted.

“Windows 7 allows better mobility and users need to be diligent in protecting their personal and confidential information. DCPP should be a consideration,” said Wilfried Hafner, SecurStar’s CEO.

DCPP – Full Disk Encryption, Seamless Integration
— High Performance: DCPP’s superior encryption engine ensures fast encrypt and decrypt performance.

— Intuitive & Transparent: DCPP offers a simplified interface and is transparent to office applications and the operating system.

— Advanced Security: DCPP uses military grade encryption (AES 256-bit). Pre-boot authentication prevents unauthorized access while the advanced security engine protects against keyboard logging attacks.

— Portable Media Support: DCPP allows users to encrypt mobile media such as USB & flash drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs etc.

Pricing & Availability

DCPP is available from SecurStar and SecurStar channel partners. Pricing starts at $125.00 USD. Additional information and free evaluations are available at:

Source: SecurStar

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