LG Electronics Unveiled HD Sound Bar, Subwoofer Duo at CES Preview Event

Home Theater Experience Amplified with a Sleek and Powerful 280-Watt Audio System

LG Electronics unveiled the LG “HD Sound Bar,” a home theater accessory designed to elevate audio performance, complement LG’s advanced flat panel displays and deliver a superb home theater experience.

Shown publicly for the first time at its CES Sneak Peek in New York City and available early next year, the LG HD Sound Bar enhances the audio output of an HDTV by adding additional speakers and subwoofer capabilities to produce powerful 2.1 channel virtual surround sound. The LSB316 includes six speaker drivers housed in a sleek, stylish speaker bar which can be placed directly below the TV or wall mounted.  The bar is accompanied by a wireless subwoofer which can be conveniently placed out of sight while delivering deep, rich bass.  The HD Sound Bar’s slim design allows for easy wall mounting, which matches up perfectly with a 42-inch class screen, one of the most popular class sizes sold in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Ricoh Introduced the Aficio MP C3001/C3501 & MP C4501/C5501 Series

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  • Date: Dec 16,2010

Advanced Color Multifunction Products Focus on Security, End-User Productivity and Environmental Friendliness

Ricoh Americas  introduced the Ricoh Aficio MP C3001/C3501 & MP C4501/C5501 Series. Building on the achievements of the Series’ predecessors – the Aficio MP C2800, MP C3300, MP C4000 and MP C5000 – these new, versatile color multifunction products (MFPs) offer enhanced productivity, advanced security and eco-friendly operation for businesses of any size, all with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

This new MFP series makes it affordable for businesses to bring color into their workflow, enabling them to complete more jobs in-house and reducing the need to outsource color projects. And with various methods of authentication, including the ability to set quotas for individual users, administrators can control access to color in order to manage costs and prevent abuse. In addition, improved paper handling, dynamic finishing choices and diverse networking options ensure jobs get done quickly and cost-effectively, while enabling the systems to integrate seamlessly into virtually any environment.

“We are excited to introduce the Ricoh Aficio MP C3001/C3501 & MP C4501/C5501 Series, which offers users better productivity and advanced feature sets in a superior-quality, color multifunction series,” said Shun Sato, senior vice president, Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “In addition to outstanding performance, companies will benefit from the series’ standard security features and energy-saving advantages, all helping to achieve a respectable TCO for the organization.” Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Smart Home Gateway Based on the Intel Atom E600 Processor

Infosys Technologies has developed an innovative Digital Smart Home Gateway powered by the Intel Atom processor E600 series that links multiple home devices, enabling consumers to manage them from a Wi-Fi console, smart phone or remotely via the Web.

The solution targets Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), utility, healthcare, telecom, entertainment and security service providers by pre-integrating a reference design based on the new Intel Atom(TM) processor E600 series, hardware and software components for feature plug and play, as well as an array of home management applications that run on the Linux-based operating system MeeGo.

“The new Digital Smart Home Gateway underscores Infosys’ leadership in delivering innovative solutions for the future as well as the strength of our partnership with Intel,” said, Sanjay Jalona, Vice President, High-Tech & Manufacturing, Infosys Technologies Ltd. “We saw an opportunity to address an emerging market need by combining our product engineering competencies along with Intel’s state-of-the-art technology.”

“The combination of Infosys’ design and engineering expertise with Intel’s leading edge embedded system-on-chip provides an innovative product for customers to manage a variety of devices in the home,” said Joe Jensen, General Manager, Embedded and Communications Group, Intel. Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing the $59 Linux Desktop Computer, Userful MultiSeat Released

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  • Date: Dec 13,2010

Userful Corporation has released Userful MultiSeat 4.0, software which turns one Linux computer into 11 high performance computer stations using standard USB devices including the HP t100, Wyse E01, MCT MWS 8820, and DisplayLink.

Userful MultiSeat enables organizations to deploy large numbers of computer stations for a very low cost, whether in the classroom, office, call center, oil field, hospital, library, military base, internet cafe, or anywhere else multiple computers in close proximity are needed.

It reduces hardware costs by up to 80% and energy costs by up to 90%. At $59 per seat (educational), Userful MultiSeat is the lowest cost computing solution available with the features and performance of a full desktop computer.

Each user feels like they have their own dedicated PC, but in reality they are sharing the resources of a single host computer. Simply plug USB MultiSeat devices into the host PC for each monitor, keyboard, and mouse, install Userful software, and each user experiences high performance including full screen video.

“We’ve already implemented the world’s largest ever desktop virtualization deployment, and one of the largest digital inclusion initiatives in the world,” said Tim Griffin, President of Userful. “Userful MultiSeat 4.0 represents over one and a half years of development on top of a decade of shared resource computing experience. Userful is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the benefits of desktop virtualization, without the price tag. It’s also lower cost than netbooks without the same concerns around recharging, durability, theft, e-waste, warranty, or small screen size.”

Userful offers a free 11 station, 90 day pilot.

To learn more, visit http://userful.com/products/userful-multiseat-linux

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