Musicians Get an Instant Drummer with Beats+

Ninebuzz Software released Beats+ for iOS, a simple and fun collection of drum loops for stress-free jamming and songwriting accompaniment. At $0.99, Beats+ gives musicians over 50 backbeats on-demand, with adjustable tempos and varying styles (soon to be expandable via in-app purchase).

Beats+ was created to give musicians the ability to practice and write songs alongside pre-programmed drum beats without having to wait for a real drummer or configure a drum machine. Beats+ is a fun, easy, and affordable way to add rhythm to the mix. In addition, the CD-quality loops sound great when plugged into Hi-Fi speakers or right from the iOS device.

“I can’t express how happy the team is to finally get Beats+ into musicians’ hands,” said Rick Belluso, Co-founder of Ninebuzz Software. “Beats+ has really been a labor of love. As a musician and songwriter, sometimes I think that all you need is the right beat to get things moving – it doesn’t matter whether you spend an hour programming it on your computer or getting your drummer to play it. You just need to hear it. With Beats+, I’m thrilled that we can deliver this experience to everybody out there who just wants to start making music. Simple, fun, instant drums. Why not?”

Featuring an attractive, dead-simple design, wide selection of loops, and high-quality sound, Beats+ makes the perfect companion for musicians of all types.

Key Features:
Adjustable Tempo – Each beat is sampled at 14 different speeds (60-190BPM in intervals of 10BPM). Change tempos on-the-fly to test your skills or find the perfect feel for a song.
Great for Practice – Much more than a metronome, playing along with drum beats builds rhythm and timing faster than a plain click track. Beats+ also features a number of non-standard rhythms, seldom heard in loop apps.
Save Time with Favorites – Tap the Star icon next to a beat to store it as a favorite for quick access.
Quick Inspiration – Tap the randomizer button to roll the dice and get inspired with a random beat!
A Variety of Great Beats – Ships with over 50 beats to start, expandable by in-app purchase (coming soon). Grow your library of styles and rhythms to keep practice fresh or inspire your songwriting.
An Instant Drummer On-Tap – Beats recorded and sequenced by a professional drummer/songwriter. Good drummers are hard to come by. Now, one is always at your fingertips.

Just in time for the holidays, Beats+ can now be downloaded on the Apple App Store for $0.99 (all iOS devices).

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