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Samsung LCD Refrigerator

From new enhancements for its LCD Refrigerator with apps, to an energy-efficient Over the Range (OTR) microwave oven that will perform quadruple duty for busy cooks, to a new version of the popular Flex Duo Oven, Samsung’s smart kitchen offerings will deliver more organization, efficiency and convenience than ever.

“When it comes to appliances in the kitchen, Samsung is only getting smarter,” said Kevin Dexter, Senior Vice President of Home Appliance Sales and Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “We’re listening closely to consumers and building on our recent new product successes with improvements that busy moms want.”

For LCD Refrigerator with Apps, New Ways to Connect and Organize

Samsung is expanding the offerings on its LCD Refrigerators with apps by introducing a new much-requested option – the Grocery Manager – to the four-door French Door (RF4289) and side-by-side (RSG309) models. This app will be featured on the refrigerators’ 8” Wi-Fi enabled LCD color touch screen and will allow consumers to track the expiration time of perishables. They can even set convenient reminders to use the food, minimizing spoilage. Upgrades will also take place to existing apps such as a new look for the memo app and direct access to the calendar to create new appointments from the homescreen.

The refrigerators also feature food storage options to keep families organized, like the customizable counter-height FlexZone drawer that is easily accessible to children and includes four temperature setting options — Meat and Fish (29°F), Cold Drinks (33°F), Deli/Snacks (37°F) and Wine/Party Dishes (42°F). They also help keep produce fresher, longer, with the Twin Cooling Plus System which uses separate cooling systems in the refrigerator and freezer to regulate temperature and humidity.

Eco-efficient Microwave Cooking

Samsung’s new Over the Range Microwave Oven (SMH2117S) is a premium OTR that features a unique stylish design with convenient bottom controls. A 2012 CES Innovations Award winner in the eco-design category, the large 2.1 cu. ft. capacity OTR features an LED cook top light that reduces the time, effort and cost of a replacement while still offering top-of-the-line illumination on the cooking surface below, as well as an Eco Mode feature that reduces phantom power. When not in use, the range helps consumers save time and money.

In addition, the OTR features a ceramic enamel interior that’s easy to clean and keeps a level of sanitary cooking that consumers want and demand. Only Samsung uses this kind of high quality ceramic enamel, which is traditionally found in a standard oven or range.

Flexible Cooking to Prepare any Dish

In 2012, Samsung combines the flexibility and convenience of the popular Flex Duo Oven with an Induction cook top (NE599N1). With the Flex Duo Oven, families will benefit from being able to prepare meals more efficiently with the full large 5.9 inch cu. ft. oven that, with the aid of an easy-to-use Smart Divider, splits into two separate cavities – 2.6 cu. ft. and 3.1 cu. ft. This gives cooks the option of preparing either two dishes at two different temperatures with no noticeable mixing of aromas or tastes, or one larger dish. When the Smart Divider is removed and the Flex Duo Oven operates as one 5.9 cu. ft. oven, its size is significantly larger than that of the larger cavity of a typical standard double oven, which often measures 4.2 cu. ft.

With an induction cook top, families can heat food faster and more efficiently than gas or electric. Induction uses magnetism to heat cookware directly while the cook top stays cool. This cook top also features Samsung’s Flex Cookzone which allows for multiple pan configurations or use of a large pot or griddle that would normally not fit on a standard sized heating element. The new model will be available in summer 2012.

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