Pincam’s Video-Trimming iPhone App Now Available for Free

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  • Date: Oct 9,2012

SK Planet announced a price reduction to the new app Pincam, a video-trimming application for iPhone that is now available for free. Pincam enables users to save only the best moments of mobile video and trim out the rest by simply pressing the “pin” button while recording. Pincam is the easiest way for iPhone users to capture video highlights on the go, beautify them and share them with the world on a moment’s notice.


By tapping on the “pin” button, users can create a one-of-a-kind highlight real of memorable moments on the go. Each “pin” captures 1.5 seconds prior to and 3.5 seconds after each highlighted clip, so users do not have to worry about missing a priceless moment. The app then combines the moments into one highlight reel of up to 30 seconds. The length of each “pin” is shortened accordingly for videos with seven or more selections to fit the 30-second max time frame. Once the user saves the edited video, it can be accessed in the Pincam Gallery while the original version can be found in the iPhone’s Camera Roll.

In addition to Pincam’s trim-while-recording feature, the app offers users a set of 20 image-enhancing filters that make the highlight reel even more fun at no additional cost. Users can share their highlight videos to Facebook, YouTube or email so friends and family can instantaneously enjoy the priceless moments. If users have existing videos in their Camera Roll that they would like to edit with Pincam, they can use the import feature to create a highlight reel of their pre-existing favorite videos.

Until Pincam, creating, uploading and sharing highlight videos has required the help of complicated editing tools. Pincam saves users time and hassle without compromising the quality of their beloved videos. The free app makes it possible for users on the go to record, edit and share special moments as they unfold before their eyes.

Pincam Features

  • Ability to edit while recording
  • Access to 20 free artistic filters
  • Take video and audio recordings
  • Share instantly on Facebook, YouTube and email
  • Ability to edit existing videos
  • Simple and fast user interface
  • Option to tag user location

Pricing and Availability

Pincam is free and available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store here:

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  1. Michael October 10th, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Pincam is a great video applications. I’ve worked with our team for several months, they are a great group and they really care about what you all think! Let them know:

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