KEEO lets you find your lost keys via smartphone

Losing your keys belongs to the past. Germany now presents a key holder which can be tracked using your smartphone. We call it “KEEO”.

KeeoGiven the integrated Bluetooth chip it is almost impossible to lose your KEEO. This is because KEEO and your smartphone alert you when they are separated.

The PLUG ´N´ SCREW-system makes it easy to attach your keys to KEEO without modification and the ONE-BUTTON-CONTROL that makes the right key pop out with a push of the button. As you can see, using KEEO is very simple and fun. All this is made possible with 100% German precision engineering and 100% passion for keys.

KEEO ( is very solid and light at the same time because its patented slider mechanism is milled from a single block of stainless steel. The housing is a glass-fibre reinforced high-tech material used in aerospace engineering.

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