STAPLES Center Unveils LIVE 4HD Scoreboard System by Panasonic

Panasonic-Created Center-Hung HD Scoreboard and Video Display System Establishes New Standard for Arena Scoreboards

The Lakers, Clippers and Kings are not the only L.A. LIVE residents who upgraded their rosters over the summer.  STAPLES Center’s LIVE 4HD , set to debut on Thursday night, September 23rd, when the Los Angeles Kings take to the ice to play against their NHL rivals, the Phoenix Coyotes, will be just the latest in a series of STAPLES Center additions to enhance fans’ enjoyment. The brand new, state-of-the-art, eight-sided, center-hung Panasonic scoreboard and video system will be able to display all the panoramic action taking place on the ice in pristine 720p High Definition.

Designed exclusively for STAPLES Center by Panasonic, one of the arena’s Founding Partners and an acknowledged worldwide leader in digital video systems, the one-of-a-kind comprehensive arena scoreboard and broadcast control room will include what is believed to be the largest indoor center-hung High Definition scoreboard video screen installation in the world.  The scoreboard system is expected to serve as a prototype for future venue displays now being developed by Panasonic.

Showing crisp High Definition Video in 16:9 letterbox format on the four Panasonic 22′ x 14′-3″ LED displays, which are composed of fine pitch 6 mm video elements using black SMD 3 in 1 package for additional contrast, the scoreboard and display system will display live HD video action, features and special production pieces in HD quality that will rival home theater screens.  With horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 140 degrees/140 degrees, a contrast ratio of 8000:1, and a brightness level for all boards reaching 2000 nits, STAPLES Center’s video screens truly set the new industry standard.

The unique element for this display is the 4 additional 6 mm LED Displays on the underside of the LED Board to allow special viewing for fans with courtside seats who have previously been unable to view replays on the center hung LED.  The sideline displays are nearly 8′ x 14′ and are capable of displaying both in-game, promotional and special content and features during the game.

Four other Panasonic LED video boards composed of 10mm pitch video elements and measuring 13′-9″ x 14′-3″ will keep fans up-to-date with the latest information on team stats, scores, game clock status and more.  The boards are also video-capable, allowing them to be integrated so that programming can appear seamlessly across all eight screens.

“We are incredibly excited to unveil the world’s first-ever LIVE 4HD Scoreboard,” said Lee Zeidman, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, STAPLES Center.  “It is amazing how far technology has come since we opened STAPLES Center in 1999 and the scoreboard that our partners at Panasonic have designed has created the best arena installation anywhere, which undoubtedly will enhance every fan’s experience when they come watch a sporting event at STAPLES Center.” Read the rest of this entry »

New Cinema Series LED HDTVs combine immersive picture quality, fun connectivity, and new high-end, ultra-thin cosmetic designs

Toshiba America announced the availability of its premier Cinema Series line for 2010, featuring the VX700 Series, and the WX800 3D Series, LED HDTVs. Leading Toshiba’s full line of LED and LCD HDTVs, Cinema Series presents the ultimate in picture quality and multimedia connectivity with luxuriously sleek, premium designs that can elevate any room’s look and feel.

As the pinnacle of Toshiba’s 2010 HDTV offering, the Cinema Series line boasts ultimate picture, beautiful cosmetics, and state-of-the-art features. The WX800 is an exceptional choice for today’s most demanding home theater connoisseurs, as well as consumers seeking a stylish entertainment powerhouse for their home. With true 3D capability, the WX800 presents a three-dimensional experience from 3D movies, TV programs, video games and more when using a pair of optional Toshiba 3D glasses, Toshiba’s BDX3000 3D Blu-ray Disc player and a 3D capable HDMI cable. Read the rest of this entry »

Module-Based, Scalable Screen Allows Flexible Applications in Size, Shape

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it will launch “Diamond Vision OLED,” the world’s first, large-scale display system in the 100-inch and above range that uses organic light emitting diode (OLED) as its light source.

Sales will begin worldwide on September 21.

The Diamond Vision OLED, designed for indoor use, delivers seamless, vivid images using Mitsubishi Electric’s newly developed video controlling technology.

The screen offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles reaching approximately ±80 degrees, and features a maximum brightness of 1,200cd/m² and twice high contrast compared to our LED product, making it suitable for installation in relatively brightly-lit areas such as commercial facilities, stations and airports.

Built by connecting a number of standard modules each measuring 384mm both in height and width and weighing eight kilograms, the Diamond Vision OLED is scalable and can be designed to flexibly form a certain size or shape, even against rounded surfaces. The screen’s 99mm depth enables it to be installed in limited spaces such as narrow paths and station concourses. Read the rest of this entry »

Technology Positioned to Address Growing Market Popularity of Consumer Electronics Devices with Screens as Large as 10.1″

Synaptics announced its ClearPad 7200 Series technology offering. Utilizing the feature-rich capability offered by Synaptics-designed all points addressable full image sensor technology, the ClearPad 7200 Series is ideal for OEMs designing a wide range of products that require multi-finger touch capability, including clamshell notebooks, slates/tablets, and “fourth screen” devices like digital photo frames and electronics readers.

The “fourth screen” category, which includes electronic readers, digital home controllers, and digital photo frames, is providing new ways for end users to create and consume content in a versatile multi-function capable device. These devices shed traditional keyboards and excessive buttons, substituted with a new demanding interaction model that is touch and gestures-based. High-performance touchscreen performance is critical for consumers to fully immerse themselves in the user experience of products.

“2010 will be remembered as the year when the slate category emerged as a compelling new form factor that consumers enthusiastically embraced for digital media consumption and untethered access to the Internet,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “Touchscreen functionality is becoming a ‘must have’ feature that consumers are demanding to empower their digital lifestyles.” Read the rest of this entry »

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