LandAirSea`s Full-Line of GPS Tracking Systems

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  • Date: May 9,2012

LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems

The GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro
The classic GPS Tracking Key is LandAirSea System’s best-selling passive GPS tracker. This ultra-compact and portable GPS data logger has the ability to determine the precise GPS location within 2.5 meters of the device, and records detailed travel activities every second.

The information gathered by the GPS tracker includes travel path, rates of speed and the amount of time stopped at any given location. The tracking data can be viewed by retrieving the device and connecting it to a PC with the installed Past-Track software, or online through Google Earth. Detailed driving reports and animated historical playback can also be generated with the installed software. Read the rest of this entry »

Magellan Rugged Handheld GPS for GIS Professionals

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  • Date: Apr 20,2011

The Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 GPS Receiver – Waterproof, Rugged, Built-in Bluetooth and Runs an Open Platform on Windows Mobile 6.5

Magellan announced it’s re-entering the GIS market with the eXplorist Pro 10, a rugged, lightweight and waterproof GPS handheld device specifically designed for GPS/GIS data collection.

Featuring a vibrant 3-inch, WQVGA transflective color touchscreen, 533MHz processor and 128MB RAM, the eXplorist Pro 10 packs the power needed to work with maps and large data sets into a compact-handheld form factor. It comes with 4GB of onboard storage and is expandable with up to 32GB via microSDHC card slot, enabling large data sets such as aerial photos to be loaded easily.

With its rugged IPX-7 waterproof casing, the lightweight eXplorist Pro 10 is the ideal GIS data collection handheld device for GIS professionals seeking to collect GPS/GIS data. The Pro 10 can deliver 3 to 5 meters accuracy in real-time using its internal GPS receiver or work with a supported Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver to achieve sub-meter or 1-3 meter accuracy. Read the rest of this entry »

TomTom announced the launch of the Blue&Me TomTom LIVE system, including the award-winning HD Traffic™, for the new Lancia Ypsilon.

The new system was launched at the Geneva Motorshow on March 1. It will provide the customers of the new Ypsilon with an easily updateable navigation experience, together with the most accurate traffic information and specific product attributes such as a new fluid touch user interface and a new mounting system developed by TomTom and Fiat Group Automobiles. The Blue&Me TomTom LIVE offers the benefits of an integrated and connected infotainment system with the advantages of a portable navigation device opening up the world of connectivity to new Lancia Ypsilon customers. The Blue&Me TomTom LIVE will be available for the new Lancia Ypsilon from the second quarter of 2011.

“We are very pleased to be able to further build on an already fruitful relationship with Fiat Group Automobiles and Lancia, one of their most prestigious brands. The Blue&Me TomTom was successfully launched on the Fiat Punto Evo in August 2009 and since then has enjoyed good adoption rates with more than 50,000 units sold in Europe. We expect this new product, with its compelling services package to be at least as successful as the previous one”, says Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive. Read the rest of this entry »

CES 2011: Nike and TomTom Unveil Game-Changing Nike+ SportWatch GPS

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  • Date: Jan 6,2011

NIKE and TomTom have collaborated to create the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom. The new running watch, unveiled today at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, will provide athletes with the most dynamic and motivational running experience in the world thanks to its unique functionality, beautiful design, and direct connection to, the world’s leading running community with almost 4 million members.


The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is designed for high performance with an extremely clear and readable user interface that delivers the information necessary to the user while in-run. It adds personalization and motivational features to the running experience, including audible sounds, challenges, run reminders and more. Read the rest of this entry »

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