Four-City Event Tour Launches New PlayStation3 Game; Demonstrates the Potential of Alternative Content

Sony is joining forces with movie theaters across the country to create a unique series of multi-player gaming events that highlight the potential of “alternative content” as an additional revenue source for exhibitors during non-peak times.

To support the release of the PlayStation3® title UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves(TM), Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Sony Digital Cinema Solutions and Services are producing four exclusive “sneak peek” events. Attendees will have the chance to play UNCHARTED 2 on the big screen, powered by Sony Electronics 4K digital cinema technology, which provides image resolution four times greater than high-definition consumer televisions.

“Sony 4K digital cinema technology delivers an enhanced viewing experience unlike anything seen in theaters before,” said Mike Fidler, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Group. “But it also offers exhibitors additional programming options from alternative content such as gaming events, simulcasts, pre-recorded concerts, and sporting events, to maximize a movie theater’s profitability and fill auditoriums during non-peak times.”

As the move to digital cinema continues, exhibitors across the United States are increasing their menu of services and amenities to elevate the theater-going experience, turning theaters into “digital entertainment destinations.”

According to Fidler, this type of in-theater gaming event gives gamers and movie-going consumers an unprecedented out-of-home experience.

“As a total entertainment company, Sony is able to draw upon resources across its professional, consumer and content groups to create diversity and value for consumers and a practical solution for exhibitors,” Fidler said.

The “sneak peek” events will take place on October 5 and 6, 6-11 p.m., at the following theaters:

— Landmark Embarcadero, San Francisco, Calif.
— Muvico Theaters, Rosemont, Ill.
— Muvico Theaters, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
— Lincoln Square Cinemas, Bellevue, Wash.


Coupling JBL’s reputation for cinema sound with Carl Tatz Design’s unparalleled customer service, international country superstar Jay DeMarcus recently had his home studio-recording complex upgraded with a JBL Synthesis Digital Home Theater System

Supplying a top of the line surround sound system to one of today’s most prominent international music artists, Carl Tatz Design installed a JBL Synthesis Home Theater System into Rascal Flatts bass guitarist Jay DeMarcus’ home studio complex, the Grip II Screening Lounge.  The system demonstrates the absolute finest sound quality that can be displayed in any home theater.

Included in the installation was a SAM3HA three array center speaker behind the screen, two SAM3VA three array speakers angled in on each side behind the acoustically transparent fabric and 4 S4Ai two-array surround speakers carefully installed inside of the coffered ceiling to complete the 7.1 system. All using JBL’s Synthesis technology, they are able to apply proprietary digital algorithms to improve the accuracy and timing of the signals arriving at the center channel- creating a larger, nearly perfect 360-degree soundscape.

“The first demo I gave Jay of the speakers just blew him away”, said Carl Tatz, Principal of Carl Tatz Design. “The Synthesis speakers are powerful, but at the same time they still provide a very smooth sound; and the Synthesis AV1 surround processor is as beneficial as any processor needs to be. For the money spent, you can’t find a better deal.”

The theater was done in a large L shaped room that is approximately 30 feet by 25 feet, with a large sectional for the screen wall viewing. DeMarcus’ lounge can fit a large number of people without disrupting the performance of the audio.

“The former owners had some sort of toy system that I had never listened to,” continued Tatz. “Comparing the old system in place to the current one with the synthesis speakers would be like comparing a roller skate to a Mercedes; it doesn’t come close. They are true cinema speakers with real compression drivers. Their performance is unrivalled in a home cinema room. ”

Must have Gizmo for hard of hearing households

Sonic Alert Announces Availability of the Geemarc Conversation Piece
Affordable Hearing Solution Delivers Sound in Perfect Clarity

Sonic Alert announces the addition of the Geemarc CLA9 Conversation Piece amplified hearing assistant to its extensive line of products aimed at improving life for the hard of hearing. The CLA9 features a super sensitive microphone that relays sound in perfect clarity directly to the user’s ear via lightweight earbuds. This improves hearing so that users can participate in conversations with confidence, enhancing communication in a multitude of settings whether at work, around the dinner table or in social situations.

The CLA9 is easy to use with simple adjustable controls for tone and volume (up to 25 dB), and an indicator light showing when the amplifier is switched on. It comes with a 2.4V rechargeable battery and travel charger that offers up to 10 hours of talk time, a black velvet carrying case, a lanyard, a belt clip for easy portability, and an user guide.

Added benefits of the CLA9 include the fact that it is compatible with loop amplifiers. In a loop listening facility, users can listen through the system in a church, theatre, etc., without a hearing aid.

Additionally, the CLA9(T) version comes with a microphone and holder that allows for hookup direct to the television or stereo. This allows the user to adjust the volume and tone to a level comfortable for them without disturbing the rest of the household.

Available for only $99-109.95, Sonic Alert’s Geemarc CLA9 Conversation Piece amplified hearing assistant offers an affordable option to the hard of hearing.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705HD

offers Big Screen High-Definition Performance for Under $750

Versatile Home Entertainment Projector Delivers High-Quality Movies, Gaming and More

Bringing affordable, big-screen home entertainment to households across the country, Epson announced the new Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705HD. Available for $749.99, the Home Cinema 705HD joins Epson’s award-winning line of 3LCD(TM) home theater projectors, providing families and first-time home theater enthusiasts with a versatile, high-quality 720p high-definition solution for a range of options — from movies and gaming, to broadcast TV and sports, to videos and music with an Apple iPod.

The Home Cinema 705HD is designed to make home entertainment simple and enjoyable, and comes with a variety of consumer-friendly features and performance benefits for enjoying the big screen at home. The projector boasts 2,500 lumens of color and white light output(i) to accommodate movie viewing or game playing in different environments — even daytime. It also features four pre-set color modes optimized for video, as well as HDMI connectivity and a USB 2.0 connection for sharing photos and slideshows. Featuring Epson’s three-chip 3LCD technology and exclusive energy efficient E-TORL lamp, the Home Cinema 705HD delivers bright, movie theater-like images and video with amazing detail and no possibility of color break-up or “rainbow effect.”

“Whether you’re watching your favorite movie with that special someone, or gathering family and friends to cheer on the home town team for the big game, there’s nothing like the visual impact of viewing high-definition output on a 120-inch screen at home,” said Marge Ang, senior product manager, Epson America. “The Home Cinema 705HD offers that experience to even more consumers with an affordable, easy-to-use, high-quality solution.”

More About the Home Cinema 705HD

The Home Cinema 705HD features a sleek, white, compact design that offers a range of options and performance, expanding its versatility for home entertainment needs:

— 3LCD Quality and Reliability – 3LCD technology for incredible color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability with no possibility of color break-up or “rainbow effect”
— Increased Brightness – Movie theater-like images with 2,500 lumens of white and color light output for brightness levels that are among the highest in this home theater category
— Big Screen Performance – Widescreen capability with 720p performance
— Easy Set-up and Installation – Epson Universal Mount and 1.2x optical zoom and Instant On, Instant Off technology allows for no waiting time to start or shut-down projector
— Versatile Connectivity – Component Video, S-Video, HDMI, and USB Type A digital connections to share photos and slideshows
— E-TORL (Epson Twin Optics Reflection Lamp): Provides optimum light uniformity and increased light output for screen sizes larger than ten feet with exclusive 200 watt high efficiency design; uses less energy for up to 5,000 hours of lamp life(ii)

Availability and Support

The Epson Home Cinema 705HD will be available in October through online A/V specialty retailers, select retailers nationwide, and the Epson online store for an estimated street price of $749.99. The projector comes with the service and support only Epson can offer, including a two-year limited warranty with toll-free access to PrivateLine , Epson’s priority technical support, and free two-business day exchange with ExtraCare(SM) Home Service.

(i) Light output varies depending on modes (color and white light output). White light output measured using ISO 21118 standard.

(ii) Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

Source: Epson America, Inc.

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