D-Link Expands Amplifi Family of Premium Home Networking Solutions

D-Link announced the latest products to join its Amplifi family of high-performance home networking solutions, the HD Media Router 2000 (DIR-827) and the PowerLine AV 500 Gigabit Switch Kit (DHP-541).

Designed to optimize a home’s Wi-Fi signal and provide increased and continuous Internet strength, the HD Media Router 2000 offers advanced wireless connectivity and HD Fuel for automatic bandwidth prioritization, enabling seamless high-quality HD streaming, gaming without lag time and uninterrupted VoIP calling. The PowerLine AV 500 Gigabit Switch Kit delivers additional bandwidth through existing electrical wiring and outlets, enabling consumers to connect an entertainment system to the network from any room in the house with speeds of up to 500Mbps.

“With the increased usage of wirelessly-connected devices in homes, there is a huge demand for stronger and more reliable network connections,” says Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “D-Link’s new Amplifi products address this demand by providing consumers top-shelf, high-performance products – whether you’re looking for increased signal strength and uninterrupted streaming of your favorite HD videos and music across the home network, or extra bandwidth for secure, fast connectivity to otherwise hard-to-reach places.” Read the rest of this entry »

D-Link Launches Amplifi Premium Home Networking Products

D-Link announced its Amplifi family of high-performance home networking solutions, designed to offer best-in-class performance for today’s demanding connected homes.

Optimized for the ever-increasing amount of Internet traffic in homes across the nation, the Amplifi product line includes the HD Media Router 1000 with HD Fuel (DIR-657) for managing high bandwidth HD traffic and streaming, the Whole Home Router 1000 (DIR-645) and Wi-Fi Booster (DAP-1525) with exclusive SmartBeam technology for pushing wireless signals into the farthest corners of homes to deliver whole home coverage, and PowerLine 500 products (DHP-500AV, DHP-501AV, DHP-540) for adding bandwidth over existing electrical wiring.

“There are two main obstacles consumers typically face with today’s home networking – the need for a more powerful network to support HD streaming and signals throughout the home, and expanding Wi-Fi coverage into the farthest corners of the home, essentially having whole home coverage,” says Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “D-Link has solved these issues by investing heavily in R&D, and is excited to introduce our new patented technology as part of the Amplifi line of home networking solutions.”

The Amplifi family of home networking solutions introduces all-new networking technologies optimized to enable consumers to do it all at once, with uninterrupted connectivity to their entire library of digital content: Read the rest of this entry »

D-Link announced the integration of OpenDNS technology into select D-Link routers, enabling households to block unsafe and inappropriate Web content such as adult and phishing websites – all right at the source of the home network – the router.

With OpenDNS technology, D-Link routers offer consumers Web content filtering and security services, ensuring that all connected devices in the household, from laptops to gaming consoles, are guarded from unsuitable online content via the built-in and fully customizable OpenDNS parental control solution.

“As more children gain access to the Internet through computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles, parents are in need of an easy security solution to protect against unwanted Internet content and threats,” says Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “D-Link routers featuring OpenDNS offer easy-to-use parental controls for all your network-connected devices right at the router – delivering comprehensive, family-safe network security and performance without the need for setting controls on each device.” Read the rest of this entry »

D-Link Celebrated 25th Anniversary

D-Link announced the commemoration of its 25th anniversary with a renewed pledge of leadership and innovation within the networking, service provider and consumer electronics industry.

Founded in 1986, D-Link has evolved into an international networking giant and globally trusted brand, delivering technology solutions that surround everyone and everything, enriching homes and businesses, and connecting people to the most important information and activities in their lives.

“From the company’s first product –  an Ethernet adapter for the PC, to the first enterprise-class chassis-based network switch, to the first router, to the debut of the Boxee Box by D-Link, D-Link has been driving networking technology leadership and innovation in businesses and homes across the globe,” said Nick Tidd, president, D-Link North America. “We view our 25th anniversary as an opportunity to convey what the D-Link brand represents to our partners and customers, underscoring our vision for the future for the next 25 years and beyond.”

Technology and Innovation for the Future
Today’s connected world demands a responsiveness that D-Link delivers through strong ties to chipset manufacturers, telecom operators and software firms combined with an unyielding commitment to research, design and development. These ongoing efforts enable D-Link to continue to drive innovation, technology leadership and collaborative relationships with service providers, channel and retail partners. As a result, D‑Link has emerged as a trusted brand with a worldwide reputation for robust and affordable networking solutions, and is committed to developing technologies to usher in a new era of ultimate connectivity. Read the rest of this entry »

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