September issue features buying advice and Ratings of over 200 desktops, laptops, netbooks and printers; Four tips for printing cheaply with any printer

Now is a good time to get a deal on a computer without sacrificing performance and key features. Because changes to newer model desktops, laptops and netbooks are mostly cosmetic, buying a slightly older version may save consumers some money. The September issue of Consumer Reports features shopping advice for computers and printers, includes Ratings of 200 models and discusses the latest features in each category. The full report is also available at

Whether shopping for a newer model computer or buying one for the first-time Consumer Reports says there are things to consider before making a purchase. For instance, there’s not a lot of difference in speed between laptops and desktops, so weigh the better ergonomics of a desktop against the convenience of a laptop. Here are some other things to keep in mind when shopping.

— Match a desktop to needs. Full-sized desktops are feature-laden but take up lots of space. A slim or compact desktop will save space.  All-in-ones are the most compact but often cost more.
— Pick the right laptop size. If portability and price are priorities and workload is light, consider a 10-inch netbook. For heavier work, a 13-inch laptop is a better choice but will cost more. Most people find the best balance of price, power, and portability in a 14- to 16-inch laptop. A 17-inch or larger model works well as a replacement desktop.
— Weigh a laptop’s ergonomics. Try a laptop out in a store if possible and pay special attention to the keyboard size and layout. The touch-pad should be large enough for the finger to traverse the span of the display without lifting. Make sure the touchpad buttons aren’t too difficult to press. Read the rest of this entry »

Mini-PC for Current Intel Core Processors

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  • Date: Jul 26,2010

Shuttle XPC Barebone SH55J2 Supports Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7

Shuttle Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of multi-form-factor solutions such as the world-famous XPC Mini-PC Barebones, today announces the launch of its new XPC Barebone SH55J2. Now, for the first time, a single Mini-PC supports all Intel Core variants for socket 1156.


From today, the SH55J2 brings you a Mini-PC platform which utilizes all the features of the new Intel Core series – whether it is the integrated HD graphics chip, the turbo boost function or two and four CPU cores. The energy-efficient processor generation is ideally suited for Mini-PCs. Read the rest of this entry »

Further Models of the J1-Series to be Launched Soon

Shuttle announces the XPC Barebone SG41J1 in Europe. The first offspring of the J-series is the pioneer of other Mini-PCs to be introduced in the upcoming weeks.

The chassis of the XPC Barebone SG41J1 is almost re-designed from scratch. Developed for most versatile use, the SG41J1 maintains the advantages of previous XPC models while incorporating many improvements. The J-series represents the next step in the evolution of Shuttle Mini-PCs that was begun in 2001.

For the first time, models of the J-series also support the mini-ITX standard, allowing for easy future upgrades. The cooling system includes linear controlled fans, large ventilation holes and improved airflow inside the chassis. As a result, even high-performance components such as a dual-slot graphics card, Intel Core 2 multi-core processors and up to 8GB of DDR2-memory can be fitted. Pre-routed cables facilitate the setup. There is also a Kensington lock present at the back of the case for enhanced security. A completely new front design with a decently lit XPC logo makes the SG41J1 easily recognisable.

The XPC Barebone SG41J1 is based on Intel’s G41 Express chipset and includes a DirectX 10 Intel GMA X4500 GPU with a DVI-port. It also sports an array of USB 2.0, PS/2, parallel and serial ports. One PCI-Express x16 slot and one 32bit PCI slot are available for further expansion. The system is powered by a 250 Watt power supply.

The SG41J1 is only one of varied new models that will be showcased at CeBIT 2010 in hall 17, stand G68.

The Shuttle XPC Barebone SG41J1 is available from specialist retailers immediately. Shuttle’s recommended retail price is EUR 146 ex VAT.

Industry-First 24-inch 3D All-in-Ones and High-End Audio-Equipped Models Featuring Stylish, Eco-Friendly Designs Demonstrate MSI’s Commitment to Innovation and Technology Leadership

MSI will provide CeBIT 2010 attendees with a unique opportunity to experience the latest, most technologically advanced All-in-One (AIO) PCs on the market today. MSI will showcase a wide range of innovative new AIOs offering industry-leading performance and multimedia entertainment capabilities for home and business users at its exhibit booth (Hall 17, Booth C38) at the annual CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany, March 2-6, 2010.

From the first 24-inch, full HD (1080p) 3D All-in-One PCs to the extreme-performance, eco-friendly Wind Top All-in-Ones featuring the new Intel® Core(TM) processors and premium, hi-fi audio, MSI is raising the bar on AIO performance, usability, energy-efficiency, and functionality. MSI will also demonstrate its new power-saving LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability – models, setting a new standard in green computing.

World’s First Large Screen, Full HD 3D All-in-One PC

MSI’s Wind Top All-in-One 3D PC integrates advanced 3D display technology with powerful CPU processing to deliver smooth, clear and vibrant 3D images with a high level of image detail and clarity. Combining a large, 24-inch 120Hz LED display and full HD (1080p) resolution with 3D shutter glasses allows home users to experience the 3D movie theater experience in the comfort and convenience of their living rooms.

High-Performance Intel® Core(TM) Series Processors: the Wind Top AE2280/AE2420

Featuring a 22- or 24-inch multi-touch display, the new Wind Top AE2420 and Wind Top AE2280 All-in-One PCs are equipped with the latest Intel® Core (Core i3/i5/i7) processors and Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, which automatically increases CPU frequency on demand, delivering maximum performance for HD movies, sophisticated 3D games and other resource-hungry applications. Combining an intuitive multi-touch display with high-performance processing power, these Wind Top All-in-One PCs combine sleek, stylish looks with the raw power to make traditional desktop PCs a thing of the past.

Eco-Friendly AIOs for Business Users: the Wind Top AP1920/AE1920 and Wind Box Mini-PCs

The Wind Top AP1920 and AE1920 19- and 20-inch All-in-One PCs, as well as the Hetis/DC520/DE220 10L, 4.7L and 2L Wind Box Mini-PCs, combine energy-efficiency, a small desktop footprint and enough processing power for today’s productive and environmentally-minded business users. Providing 90 percent lower average hourly energy consumption than a traditional 300W desktop PC, each of these MSI models have achieved U.S. Energy Star certification, and will adhere to the European Union’s new EuP (Energy using Product) environmental directive that will take effect in 2010. In addition, these innovative PCs utilize coating materials that are free from harmful substances and packaging material that is 80 percent recyclable.

Premium Sound Technology: Wind Top AE2280/AE2260/AE2220/AE2400/AE2420

MSI is the first PC company to incorporate high-quality speakers into 22-inch and 24-inch All-in-One PCs. The MSI Wind Top AE2280, AE2260 and AE2220 are equipped with two 5-watt Hi-Fi speakers, while the 24-inch AE2400 and AE2420 feature 10-watt speakers for added bass response. In addition, MSI’s unique Premium Sound Technology adjusts audio output when viewing a 1080p Full-HD video, and all Wind Top All-in-One models provide excellent sound reproduction across the low, medium and high frequency ranges.

A Full Range of All-in-One Sizes, Configuration and Colors

MSI Computer offers the industry’s largest range of AIO sizes and configurations to meet the unique needs of any home or business user. MSI’s CeBIT exhibit will showcase All-in-One PC models with the widest variety of screen sizes, including 18.5-inch, 19.5-inch, 21.5-inch, and 23.5-inch models. In addition, MSI will also display its new Wind Top PCs that are available in a variety of rich, beautiful colors designed to suit the personality of individual users.

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