GammaTech Computer Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of notebook computers for over 22 years, today announced the GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S, the innovative, fully rugged 13.3″ notebook computer that transforms quickly and easily to a Tablet PC for ultimate flexibility and functionality.


The GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S is powered by an Intel Core2 Duo processor. Intel® Core(TM)2 Duo processor delivers faster multitasking performance and greater energy efficiency so that users can be more productive. By combining breakthrough processing speeds with advanced power-saving features, Intel Core2 Duo processor lets users get more done in less time. The R13S comes with a 9-cell lithium-ion battery providing approximately 7 hours of functionality. The unit includes a GPS Receiver, Bluetooth®, Super-Multi DVD Burner optical drive, HD audio, built-in speaker and array microphone, support for Intel GME965 Integrated graphics and an onboard smart card reader. The R13S measures 13.5″(W) X 10″(D) X 2.3″(H) and weighs only 9.4 lbs.

“Our mission is to equip mobile rugged computer users in harsh environments with the ultimate functionality and durability they need to do their jobs. That’s why we offer the GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S. And we offer the Two-in-One Notebook+Tablet PC at a significantly lower cost than other fully rugged notebooks in the market that do not provide the Tablet PC features,” says GammaTech President, Steven Gau.

Designed for any Conditions

The GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S is humidity and water resistant, and includes a waterproof keyboard and touchpad, so the system can function at full capacity in rain and snow. The unit is also designed for maximum dust-resistance and withstands extreme wind-borne dust and sand conditions.

The R13S is built to ensure that the screen is viewable in any light level. The 13.3″ convertible screen includes a sunlight-readable option that compensates for glare and reflected sunlight. The backlit-illuminated keyboard lets users work in low light environments or in complete darkness.

Fully Rugged

The GAMMATECH DURABOOK R13S is encased in magnesium alloy for concussion protection. The unit is rigorously tested using MIL-STD-810F requirements for drop, shock, spill and dust resistance and rated IP54 for water and dust protection. The unit can survive a 3-feet drop, random vibration, and extreme temperatures ranging from -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) to 158 degrees F (70 degrees C).

Totally Secure

The R13S is highly secure, with an internal Trusted Platform Module (TPM1.2) Security Chip, hard drive encryption capability, support for HDD User Password Protection, and fingerprint recognition technology.

Source: GammaTech Computer Corporation

IBM Dominates Green500 with 18 of the Top 20 Most Energy Efficient Supercomputers and 69 of Top 100

IBM supercomputers are the most energy efficient in the world, according to the latest Supercomputing ‘Green500 List’ announced by

Supercomputer IBM

The list shows that 18 of the Top 20 most energy efficient supercomputers in the world are built on IBM high-performance computing technology. The list includes supercomputers from Saudi Arabia to Germany and the United States that are being used for a variety of applications such as astronomy, climate prediction and pharmaceutical research. IBM also holds 69 of the Top 100 positions on this list.

Energy efficiency — including performance per watt for the most computationally demanding workloads — is a core design principle in developing IBM systems. IBM offers the broadest range of generally applicable supercomputers represented on the Green500 List including Blue Gene, Power servers, iDataPlex, BladeCenter and hybrid clusters.

The number one most energy efficient system in the world — a supercomputer built at the Julich supercomputing center in Germany as part of a collaboration between IBM and an academic consortium of universities and research centers — produces more than 723 Mflops (millions of floating point operations per second) per watt of energy.

The IBM supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratories — which first broke through the petaflop barrier and was second on the recently announced Top500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers — is ranked the sixth most energy-efficient supercomputer in the world, capable of over 444 Mflops per watt of energy. A non-IBM supercomputer that topped the Top500 list placed 44 on the Green500 List, producing only 253 Mflops per watt.

“Supercomputers can no longer focus only on raw performance. The era of simply adding more processors is coming to a close,” said David Turek, vice president, deep computing, IBM. “Clients need to be able to run supercomputers anywhere, not only places that have cheap power. As the Green500 proves, IBM has focused on this issue for some time and is well positioned to usher in performance breakthroughs along with efficiency gains.”

The Green500 list is published by It provides a ranking of the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world and serves as a complementary view to the TOP500 list of worldwide supercomputers announced this week by

Source: IBM

Ultra-Thin all-in-one-PC with Linux operating system

openSUSE Linux 11.1 Pre-Configured and Ready for Immediate Use

Shuttle Inc. is now supplying its X50 All-in-One PC platform with pre-installed Linux operating system.

Ultra-thin All-in-One-PC with Linux operating system

The just 3.6 cm thin X500V complete system is fitted with the latest version (11.1) of openSUSE Linux and can be expanded with open-source applications from the openSUSE website. 1-click package installation allows the system to be customised specifically to a wide range of user requirements.

The Linux PC – available in black or white – is fitted with Intel’s Atom 330 dual-core processor (2x 1.6 GHz), 1 GB DDR2 memory, 160 GB hard disk, 15.6″ touchscreen (39.6 cm, resolution 1366×768), 1.3 megapixel webcam, card reader, microphone and stereo speakers.

Shuttle’s X500V All-in-One PC has an array of additional expansion options with rapid Gigabit network, WLAN (Draft-N), 6-channel audio, VGA output and five USB ports. It can be fitted to monitor arms or wall brackets with the VESA mount. The Kensington Lock provides anti-theft protection.

The turnkey X500V Mini-PC complete system with 24-month bring-in service is available now from specialist retailers or in custom configurations via the Shuttle Systems Configurator at Shuttle’s recommended retail price starts at EUR 444 (ex VAT).

Source: Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH

IBM unveils industry’s first Public Desktop Cloud

Building on years of industry leadership in desktop virtualization technology, IBM announced the availability of the industry’s first public desktop cloud service.

Cloud computing can give end-users easy access to the critical information they need remotely, from various devices, virtually anywhere. IBM helps organizations benefit from this model with desktop services that are designed to enable end-users with network-attached PCs and certain other devices the ability to access applications and data through a centrally managed computing environment.

“Today more than ever, enterprises need an affordable, reliable and efficient way to deploy and manage desktop infrastructures,” says Jan Jackman, Vice President, End User Services, IBM Global Technology Services. “The public desktop cloud service is designed to help bring cost savings, flexibility, scalability and security to clients like never before.”

The new IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud subscription service helps clients virtualize desktop computing resources, and provide a logical, rather than a physical, method of access to data, computing power, storage capacity and other resources. This service requires no up front capital or one time expense and is designed to provide enhanced levels of security, resiliency, reliability, and quality for virtual desktops. The service offers flexible delivery models, including three standard cloud-based offerings, dedicated infrastructure, and customer premise solutions, while helping to streamline data backup and recovery, and reduce unauthorized access.

Through key technology and business partnerships with Citrix, Desktone, VMware and Wyse, along with IBM tools for customer assessment and strategic planning, IBM is helping clients address PC replacement dilemmas, deliver resilience and reliability for critical information, and resolve Internet access parity problems, all at competitive subscription service pricing.

“We’re thrilled that IBM recognizes Desktone’s pioneering work in desktops as a service (DaaS ), from both technical and market development perspectives, and has selected us to provide foundational technology for its innovative service,” says Harry Ruda, CEO, Desktone. “Desktone’s solution is the first and only virtual desktop hosting platform designed specifically for the cloud era, providing unique capabilities such as multi-tenancy and seamless multi-data center support, key elements to designing and building a scalable, cost-effective global desktop cloud offering.”

Supported by government funding, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network is partnering with IBM on a grass roots project called CBO Connect to provide desktop computing to over 200 sites nationwide. The CBO Connect is a coalition of community based organizations consisting of non-profits, schools and libraries where visitors have access to 21st century classrooms that offer desktop cloud computing, interactive video conferencing for distance learning, video distribution system with digital signage, and other classroom and administrative services.

“We recognize the interdependency between access to online services, economic development and the quality of life,” said Jose Rodriguez, CEO of the Hispanic Information Telecommunications Network. “By working with IBM, we can build classrooms to serve as technology learning centers for underserved broadband communities and ultimately provide a low cost entry point for residential subscribers by using cloud computing services.”

IBM plans to make the IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud service available in North America and Europe starting October 2009.

Source: IBM

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