China approves Intel chip factory

Intel has announced that it will open a wafer fabrication facility in China, a significant milestone in the chip giant’s manufacturing history.

The plant will be located in an industrial rust-belt hub in northeast China called Dalian in the Liaoning Province and will cost around $2.5 billion to build. The Chinese government is providing financial incentives to Intel, according to company spokesman Chuck Mulloy, and has built up the infrastructure around the city.

Chips will start coming out of the factory in the first half of 2010. Initially, Intel will make chipsets–which shuttle data back and forth across the processor to the microprocessor of the computer–and possibly communications chips.

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USB Wireless Space Mouse

“USB Wireless Space Mouse” is an revolutionary mouse that can be use in the air ! It is quite simple to use. Reverse the mouse and hold it. Position your finger on the infrared part and move the finger. Then you will see the cursor moves on the screen as you move your finger. Since the infrared part functions as a switch for clicking, any operation of mouse including single/double click is possible. You are completely free to take any position off the computer to use it ! Excellent tool for presentation etc. !

Needless to say, it can also be used as a normal optical mouse, on your desk or mouse pad. There is no tangling cable thanks to wireless system. Just put the mouse on a cradle attached for charging. No installation of driver is necessary !

USB Wireless Space Mouse

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