In a highly creative and environmentally forward-thinking application of JBL PRX portable loudspeakers, Rock the Bike, a designer and manufacturer of bicycles with an eye on raising the awareness of the “bike culture,” has employed PRX loudspeakers at several of its live music events, which are run on human power generated on bicycles.

JBL PRX portable loudspeakers Rock the Bike

For its live events, Rock the Bike designed a pedal-powered stage, which enables one or many individuals to ride stationary bicycles in place, which in turn power the audio system as the artists perform. “It’s been a steady progression to this—most of our performances used to be primarily in the streets and running off battery power,” said Paul Freedman of Rock The Bike. “Then we started hooking up with people interested in human power and over the past year, we’ve put a lot of energy into creating our own pedal-powered stage.”

Thanks to the efficiency of the JBL PRX Series, Rock the Bike employs PRX535 speakers for its main sound reinforcement system. “Because we’re an environmentally conscious group, the PRX speakers are a perfect fit, plus they’re lightweight so we can easily transport them on our cargo bicycles,” Freedman said. “I also really like the PRX speakers because the low/mid/high knobs on my mixer correspond directly with the low/mid/high drivers in the speaker, which make them very easy to use.”

Rock the Bike relies on volunteers from the audience to pedal the bikes, something that has never posed a challenge. “If there are a lot of people at an event, we have no problem getting volunteers from the crowd to keep a 2-bike pedal-powered system going,” Freedman said. “We position them close to the stage so they have a good view of the performers, and they’re literally supporting the music with their power.”

While the pedal-powered stage contributes to a sense of community at the live events, the system has taken an ironic (but intentional) back seat to the actual performances, as a result of its own efficiency. “The pedal-powered stage used to be the center of attention at our shows, but with the sound quality of the PRX speakers, along with our ability to make the pedal-power bikes quieter, the audience is getting absorbed into the music without even thinking about the pedal power,” Freedman added. “That’s our goal: to keep the music excellent and help spread the spirit of the bike.”

Since employing the pedal-powered stage, Rock the Bike has supported events ranging from rock star performances to a press conference at City Hall in San Francisco. “We recently powered a show by Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam,” Freedman said. “He was only supposed to play the first song of his set through pedal power, but he ended up playing the entire set with it because he got such a great response from the crowd.”


Audio Bibles for American troops

Fourth of July is when Americans celebrate their freedom and gather for cook outs, parades and fireworks. It’s also a time to honor our nation’s troops.

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, is honoring America’s military through the Military BibleStick project.

“We felt burdened to bring the Word of God in audio to our troops,” said Morgan Jackson, the ministry’s international director. “So, we developed a special, portable Audio Bible for the military, loaded it with the entire New Testament and sent them to chaplains who contacted us and requested them.”

Chaplains who requested them have now distributed over 10,000 Audio Bibles to servicemembers in Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

“Audio Scriptures are perfect for military men and women to hear God’s Word,” said one Navy Chaplain. “Nobody walks around with a paperback in their back pocket. Instead, they plug in their MP3 player, watch movies or play video games. They are an audio-visual generation; why not reach them with Scriptures in the media they’re most comfortable with?”

In fact, receiving free Audio Bibles has stirred many troops to write back. For example, an Army Sergeant in Iraq said, “Thank you for sending the Audio New Testament. It’s a fabulous idea. I enjoy listening when I need a quiet moment to reflect upon the Lord’s words.”

“Deployed troops live in cramped quarters,” added Jackson. “It’s difficult to get time alone. You’re always around other people. Putting in earbuds and listening to the Bible can help you get away. Plus, it’s dramatized with sound effects, music and multiple character voices.”

A Marine in Iraq wrote, “You feel like you’re there – like you’re listening to a story or watching a movie. It’s interesting and easy to listen to.”

A soldier’s mother expressed her thoughts by writing, “Thank you for your Audio Bible that was given to my son Matthew. He’s stationed in Camp Anaconda, Iraq. He has listened and he enjoyed it very much. He has also passed it around for other soldiers to listen to. When you’re a mother whose child is so many miles away, it’s a comfort to know he’s keeping God with him.”

“This project is so successful the demand has depleted our resources,” said Jackson. “People can honor the troops by sponsoring a soldier for $25.”

Source: Faith Comes By Hearing

Ovi Store and Publishing System, Nokia Point & Find and Eco-Friendly Solutions Featured

Nokia  announced new content for Ovi Store, Nokia’s global media distribution channel, and additional services for mobile consumers. Available in May, Ovi Store will offer consumers relevant, targeted media across a broad portfolio of Nokia devices.

Strategic Partner, Tim Kring, HEROES

Nokia has begun working with Tim Kring, creator and executive producer of HEROES, one of the most watched shows internationally, to develop innovative, new content for the Ovi Store. Nokia has signed on as a strategic partner and technology enabler for a project created by Kring, Code named TEVA. The multi platform narrative will be an immersive experience with elements of individual action and group participation.

Mr Kring will be present with Tero Ojanpera, executive vice president, Nokia Services, when Ovi Store and its distribution opportunities will be presented to attendees at the “This Apps for You”, session on April 1, 9:40 am.

The Year of the Mobile Computer: Mobile Computers as Personal (Mobile) Computers

Presenting the premise that Social Location is key in making mobile computers truly personal for the user, Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president, Nokia Markets, will take the stage during the morning keynote sessions on April 2.

Nokia Point & Find

Nokia introduces an innovative service concept that enables people on the move to access relevant information and services on the internet, simply by pointing their mobile phone camera at real-life objects. A beta version of Nokia Point & Find, focusing on movies, is now available in the UK and US. Capabilities will later expand into other services and countries. More information and download instructions can be found at

Ovi Creative Wall

Attendees are invited to join in at the Ovi Creative Wall. Based on the theme, “Your life. Connected”, the Ovi Creative Wall will be illustrated throughout the event, representing the interactivity and fast-changing nature of Web 2.0. Attendees can take part by suggesting themes and ideas to be illustrated on the wall by Stevie Gee, a professional illustrator. London-based, Stevie’s work has appeared on record covers and skateboard decks, in contemporary magazines, as well as being used by fashion labels such as Paul Smith.

Green Explorer – Helping People Make Sustainable Choices when Traveling

Nokia will be demonstrating Green Explorer, a new service that helps people make more sustainable travel decisions. Green Explorer is available via Nokia mobile device by simply downloading the widget or by going to This service is currently in beta and will further develop over the coming months with additional content and features.

Green Explorer provides information on a range of travel issues including tips on the most sustainable methods of transport, eco-friendly places to visit, and a way to offset the CO2 emissions when one must fly. It is also a place for travellers to share advice on a range of issues from the best routes to where to find organic food or recommendations for the best eco-friendly hotels.

Throughout Web 2.0, attendees can follow Nokia’s activities at Web 2.0 via Nokia Conversations – or on Twitter –

New Digital Business Medium Hits the Market

EDG (pronounced edge) is the world’s first digital video player. At an average cost of only $17.50 to $29.50 (in quantity) EDG, launched by Jump Lab, reflects the growing demand for digital tools used in business to rival the digital toys (MP3 players) used for entertainment.

About the size of a thick credit card, EDG makes it easy (no computer needed) for companies to showcase their custom audio/video or slide show information where it can be viewed on the card’s 2″ high-resolution LCD color screen. The video and variable volume capabilities make it an ideal medium for communicating to clients and prospects. Content can be loaded one time or changed repeatedly through the card’s USB port that simultaneously charges the card battery.

Beyond the obvious attraction to its smart design, EDG is an affordable interactive information delivery tool that can be used to build business and communicate with prospects. Specifically, EDG can be used as a digital press release or portfolio, an event memento, a contest mechanism, a code-compliant (pharmaceutical) education tool, a destination souvenir, a frequent flyer membership card, a trade show giveaway, a direct mail video brochure, a product manual, a language learning device, and much more.

The benefits of this unique delivery system:

  • Content is managed/updated via the Internet
  • Usage can be tracked and measured
  • Easy to convert existing content to load on EDG
  • Simple to use design (no manual needed)
  • Private relationship-building tool
  • Affordably priced for bulk purchase
  • Both the skin (fascia) and content can be branded
  • Controlled content – only the buyer can change it
  • Small size is easy to carry
  • Generates revenue through membership/ad fees

For viewing an EDG card demo or to receive a free information kit, contact us at: To secure purchasing information (minimum 10,000 units per order) and a sample card, call Jump Lab at 214-760-9717.

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