OfficeRecovery announced a breakthrough cloud-based online service that significantly cuts the time from encountering a file corruption disaster to complete recovery.

Available at, the service provides a simple form to upload a corrupted Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or Access database for repair. After upload, processing typically takes from a few seconds to a minute, after which the user is offered free and paid options for downloading the results of the recovery.

Users can also discuss file corruption and repair issues in community web forums integrated with the service.

OfficeRecovery Online works in a web browser window and has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari on a variety of desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft Office for Mac customers are a notable user group that benefits from the multi-platform support inherent to OfficeRecovery Online. Office for Mac files can be repaired from a Safari web browser running on MacBook or Mac desktop computers just as easily as from a PC running Windows and Internet Explorer. Read the rest of this entry »

Connectify’s free hotspot software has been valuable to the millions of users who have downloaded it to-date. Now, with the launch of Connectify Pro, the company is aiming to make their application essential software for students returning to college.

Today’s college students have expanded the back-to-school checklist. Gaming consoles, tablets, and laptops are now must-have items for life on campus. However, most U.S. college and university residence halls still provide only one Ethernet port per student, per room, which leaves freshmen who arrive with an Xbox 360, iPad, and laptop, in for a rude awakening. With Connectify, students can turn their laptop into a secure, Wi-Fi hotspot, and easily share their available Internet connection with any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

While Connectify Lite can solve many of the frustrating network issues in college dorms, the value-added functionality of Connectify Pro is sure to be useful in resolving a wider-variety of problems on campus. Therefore, Connectify is pleased to offer a free, one-semester Connectify Pro license to any student who provides a valid .edu email address at Read the rest of this entry »

New Advanced Garmin Navigation App for the iPhone

Garmin announced the new Garmin StreetPilotApp for the iPhone.

The Garmin StreetPilot App offers UK & Ireland mapping, free real time speed camera alerts, traffic avoidance options and a host of other options for efficient routing, simple effortless planning and stress-free travel whether driving or on foot.

“Garmin has always focused on offering a wide array of navigational products giving the consumer a choice that bests fits their individual lifestyle,” said Clive Taylor, European Automotive Product Director. “Garmin’s StreetPilot navigation for iPhone really complements our range of products designed to get you to your location quickly, safely and economically using some of the most advanced features available in the navigation markets.”

Garmin StreetPilot App gives iPhone users an intuitive Garmin interface for everyday navigation– without tapping into your dataplan. With ultra-fast map drawing, panning and zooming, the preloaded maps and Points of Interest offer coverage even when there is little or no mobile signal available. Read the rest of this entry »

LeCroy Corporation announced the launch of an extension to their signal integrity product line: Signal Integrity Studio (SI Studio). SI Studio is an add-on to the LeCroy SPARQ application software, and can work either in conjunction with a SPARQ series network analyzer or as standalone software.

Affordable Signal Integrity Analysis, Modeling and Simulation

SI Studio is targeted to signal integrity engineers who want the ability to measure, model and simulate systems that are described by S-parameters in a single affordable software package. The software rapidly analyzes eye diagram behavior and jitter decomposition characteristics of a serial data channel. Users can measure the S-parameters on an attached LeCroy SPARQ Signal Integrity Network Analyzer, or import a Touchstone file from a VNA or other S-parameter modeling or simulation tool. Users select to emulate or de-embed the channel, configure a simulated serial data signal with impairments and pre-emphasis or de-emphasis, and model the equalization used in their receiver.  An eye diagram is created given the above configuration, and eye and jitter analyses are performed and results displayed. Read the rest of this entry »

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