BullGuard Releases BullGuard Internet Security 8.5

Security, Usability and Performance Remain Key for BullGuard

BullGuard (http://www.bullguard.com/), specialists in user-friendly PC and Mobile security solutions for consumers, today released BullGuard Internet Security 8.5, the latest version of its flagship product.

BullGuard Internet Security 8.5 incorporates advanced Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Spamfilter and Backup functionalities and provides home users with an understandable all-in-one security solution.

“Unlike most of our competitors, we are 100% consumer focused”, said Theis Sondergaard, CTO and co-founder at BullGuard. “This means that we put all our efforts into developing a product that is best suited for home users. Product development for our Internet Security therefore has the following three guiding principles: to enhance security, to improve usability and to increase performance. In the 8.5 version, we have again managed to do all three.”

New features in BullGuard Internet Security 8.5 include:

  • A new Firewall for improved protection and more system speed
  • A new Spamfilter for optimised performance and comprehensive phishing protection
  • Increased rootkit detection capabilities
  • Web filtering for proactive website scanning
  • 2-hour security updates

BullGuard Internet Security 8.5 continues to include popular features like BullGuard’s advanced Backup functionality with a free 5 GigaByte secure online drive and easy 24/7 access to BullGuard’s highly trained support team. One product license can be used on up to three PCs.

Existing BullGuard Internet Security users will receive a free and automated upgrade to the 8.5 version. BullGuard Internet Security 8.5 will be sold through BullGuard’s channel partners and is also available at http://www.bullguard.com. The recommended retail price is US$ 69,95 for a one-year subscription.

Source: Bullguard Ltd

Ilium Software Releases ListPro 5.0

Ilium Software announces the release of ListPro 5.0, their award-winning personal productivity and organization software. ListPro is designed for Windows Mobile 6 devices, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Palm OS handhelds, and Windows Vista and XP computers.

The newest version of ListPro adds many exciting features to the top-selling program. ListPro 5.0 includes a variety of formatting options to give more detail to the Notes Pane for any list item. Users can: change the font, the text size, and format their text in bold, underline, or italics; add images and live web or email links right inside their notes; and arrange their notes using bullet points or numbered items. Users with phone-enabled mobile devices can also include live phone number links in their Notes Pane.

Many other new features have been introduced in ListPro 5.0 as well. With one-click list publishing, users can quickly send lists, and all linked images and files, directly to their Windows Mobile device from their desktop. Plus, two new exporting options allow users to share lists easily with friends. With the HTML export option, users can upload lists to any website fast, and with the RSS export option, they can turn any list into a news feed. And for users of Palm OS devices, ListPro 5.0 has added an additional feature not available in earlier versions: users can now include the linked column to their Palm OS lists for live web links, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The features that helped make ListPro an award-winning list manager are still available in ListPro 5.0, including item indenting, highlighting, and outlining, as well as calculated columns, alarm functions, and special features for shopping lists, all built to make ListPro the only program you’ll ever need to help you get and stay organized.

Use ListPro to manage and track online auctions.

Whether you’re new to ListPro, or are interested in upgrading to version 5.0, all the information can be found on Ilium Software’s website.

Leopard postponed to support Windows Vista?

Mac OS X LeopardDigitimes is reporting that the next release of Mac OS X, code-named Leopard, will not ship until October of this year as Apple works to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista.

If Leopard supports only Windows XP, then the chances of the new OS attracting Windows users to buy an Apple computer decreases, stated industry observers, noting that with Vista support, Apple’s chances of increasing its share of the PC market would increase.

Windows VistaSounds a little hard to believe, but Apple wants to make sure that Mac owners will be able to run Vista and Leopard on the same machine.

But how much does Vista compatibility matter to Apple and current/future Apple buyers? With a number of existing Microsoft customers holding off from upgrading to Vista for a variety of reasons, does Vista compatibility really merit delaying a new product release by several months?

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