Ninja Remote

Ninja RemoteThis little universal remote is the newest (secret) weapon in the Ninja’s arsenal and we assure you in the right hands it can be used to quickly assassinate dangerously annoying TV shows. Simply point the Ninja Remote at the intended target (a television set) and press the mute button for a few seconds – once the TV mutes the remote is now ready to assume full control of its victim. Innocent bystanders will be frozen with fear (or very animated with anger) as the volume and channel change magically in front of their eyes, seemingly controlled by some mysterious force.


Nokia 3310 Spy Bug Phone

Nokia 3310 Spy Bug PhoneYou can use this Nokia 3310 Spy Bug Phone as a regular mobile to make and receive calls, send texts and so on. However, it has two fantastic additional features:

1) Spy Mode: This feature enables you to leave the Spy Phone unattended and then dial into it from any phone anywhere in the world to listen in to what is going on around it. The audio quality is superb and the phone will not light up, make a sound or indeed give any other sign of life. Onlookers can even handle the phone and push buttons…the phone will appear totally dead. When you have finished using the phone as a bug, you can quickly reset it for normal use.

2) Text Message Security: this feature allows you to protect the text messages in your Inbox & Outbox by requiring the phone’s security code to be entered before access is allowed.

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