Retina-X Studios, LLC announced today the immediate availability of the Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel. Using this groundbreaking mobile surveillance technology, users can, for the first time, visually monitor their child or employee’s smartphone instantaneously. The new LIVE Control Panel is part of a broader release of Mobile Spy’s latest version 5.0. This new major release also adds the ability for users to have activity logs delivered directly to their email address. The latest version also adds silent SMS commands for monitoring and recovering a smartphone.

Mobile Spy runs in total stealth mode and no mentions of the program are shown inside the phone. After the software is set up on the phone, it silently records logs of SMS text messages, call information, GPS locations, photos and other activities. Immediately after activities are logged, they are silently uploaded to the user’s private online account. Accounts can be checked online from any web browser without needing further access to the phone.

The LIVE Control Panel add-on displays a monitored phone’s actual screenshot and a map of the phone’s current location. This information is updated every 90 seconds. Within the LIVE Control Panel, users can issue commands such as initiate a normal call to any number, lock or unlock the phone or get SIM card information. Another advantage of the add-on is the enabling of Log Delivery via Email. All Mobile Spy logs can then be automatically sent to the user’s email address at set intervals.

Mobile Spy v5.0 also adds silent SMS commands for surveillance and recovery. The user sends their monitored phone an SMS with a command. The software recognizes the SMS and keeps it hidden from view. The software performs the command and sends a silent SMS back to the user with the results. Commands include GPS Location, SIM information, Lock/Unlock phone and the ability to wipe the phone’s data completely. Read the rest of this entry »

Secure and Seamless Method for Content Owners and Programmers to Extend Online TV Experiences for Pay TV Subscribers

Adobe announced the Adobe Pass service, a new authentication solution that enables pay TV subscribers to easily access premium content from virtually any Internet-connected device. Leveraging the Flash Platform and HTML5, Adobe Pass allows pay TV providers and content owners alike to deliver a wider range of content on more platforms – including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Google TV – and ensure a high-quality, secure user experience. Promoted by the broadcast and cable industry as TV Everywhere, Adobe Pass makes it possible for pay TV providers to authenticate their paying subscribers online and provide them with the anytime, anywhere content experiences that audiences crave, taking TV Everywhere from concept to reality.

Adobe Pass creates a seamless way for pay TV subscribers to view content across multiple websites with just one sign in and does not require any additional downloads. This eliminates one of the biggest barriers to TV Everywhere adoption – a complicated validation process that requires many registrations and downloads. Adobe Pass validates a user’s right to pay TV content behind the scenes, requiring no additional user action, while continuing to ensure that access to the content remains protected and secure. The solution leverages the industry leading Flash Platform for a seamless high-quality experience along with Adobe Flash Access® for enhanced security. Adobe Pass also utilizes HTML5 for devices where Adobe Flash technology is not yet available. Read the rest of this entry »

Nokia E7 Protected by NetQin Mobile Manager

Targeting business people, the recently launched Nokia E-series flagship smartphone features a 4″ AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY, real-time work and personal emails, maps with free GPS navigation, an 8 MP camera and HD video.

In addition to being preloaded with Microsoft’s Mail for Exchange and Communicator Mobile to enable business people to access enterprise mail systems and instant internal communications, E7 is also preloaded with a productivity management application named NetQin Mobile Manager to help business people to better manage calls, text messages and private data.

NetQin Mobile Manager is designed to help you better manage incoming calls, filter spam messages, backup contacts, and conceal your contacts and communication. With an advanced spam filter engine, NetQin Mobile Manager can filter 99.5% of spam messages so that users won’t be disturbed by cold calls. You can also set a blacklist and the rejection mode to decide whose call will be blocked and how your phone will reject the caller in a polite way. With Private Space, you can set a password so that communication between you and your private contacts can be for your eyes only. The feature of Contacts backup allows you to backup and restore your contacts between different platforms so that they will never get lost. In brief, NetQin Mobile Manager provides users a simple and intuitive way to receive only what they want, when they want it.

“As mobile phones become the information centre connecting people with the world, mobile security is becoming a fundamental service for mobile life. As a global leader in mobile security service, NetQin has delivered mobile security services through partnership with top-notch device makers, such as Nokia, to protect mobile users from security threats,” said Dr. Lin Yu, CEO of NetQin.

Solution enables easy deployment of two-factor authentication without the need to roll-out additional hardware or software

VASCO Data Security announced that VASCO’s DIGIPASS authentication technology can now utilize the embedded token of Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT). This will allow customers to easily deploy two-factor authentication without the need to roll-out software or hardware devices to end-users. This collaboration results in the availability of market-leading authentication available on select 2nd Generation Intel Core processor-based PCs.

VASCO’s DIGIPASS offering for Intel IPT replaces the use of static passwords by dynamic one-time passwords (OTP). The dynamic password is user specific and only valid for a limited period of time. Authentication technology protects against online transaction fraud, data and identity theft.

The 2nd Generation Intel Core processor platforms will support a VASCO applet. When an end-user wants to log-on securely to a website using DIGIPASS, the applet on the chip will send the OTP for validation. The server will request validation from VASCO’s back-end authentication software, which will send the response to the server of the application service provider, who will grant access to the end-user. The Intel IPT technology works seamlessly with VASCO’s range of authentication server software, VACMAN and IDENTIKEY, as well as with DIGIPASS as a Service, VASCO’s cloud-based authentication platform.

DIGIPASS for Intel IPT allows customers to deploy two-factor (OTP) authentication without the need to roll-out authentication hardware or software to the end-user. Two-factor authentication is present on laptops or PCs based on the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor platforms. End-users only need to activate the authentication capability online. Read the rest of this entry »

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