Heart Hand Warmer

Let your heart warm your hands

Being cold isn’t fun. Vampires know this. That’s one of the reasons they drink blood – to keep warm. Well, to celebrate the joys of being a vampire and to help keep your hands warm this winter, we bring you the perfectly named Heart Hand Warmer. But unlike most hand warmers, this one you can use over and over again. And, you don’t have to pop it in the microwave to heat up.

The magic with the heart hand warmer is in the metal disc you see inside it. All you do is click the disc back and forth a few times and you’ll see the clearish gel inside become opaque. As the opaqueness spreads, so does the heat! It’s a crazy chemical reaction which we like to call AWESOME! Seriously, the pretty red gel is a supersaturated solution. Bending the disc starts an exothermic crystallization of the gel (i.e. it goes opaque and gets hot). And when it loses its warmth, all you have to do is wrap it in a towel and throw it into boiling water for about 15-20 minutes and the Heart Hand Warmer resets itself. Once it cools off from its boiling bath, it is ready to be used again. A great, fun way to keep your fingers warm this winter. Got a chilly butt? Then slip it in your back pocket. Just be careful when you sit down.

Heart Hand Warmer

Dimensions: approx 3.75″ wide

Added Bonus: You can pop the heart hand warmer in the fridge for a few hours and use it as a cooling pack too!

Price: $5.99 Buy here: ThinkGeek.com

Shock Ball

One potato, two potato, three potato . . . FRAK!

History lesson, boys and girls; everyone take their seats. In 1539, people were bored and poor. One day, Filius Giles of North Southwesteasternshire thought of a great way to pass the time. He took a chunk of lead (called a “pohtaytoh” by blacksmiths of the time) and heated it up. Gathering some friends, he dipped the pohtaytoh in lard with his tongs and threw it to his closest friend. The lard began melting away as each person threw it to another, hoping not to get burned by the “hot pohtaytoh.” Apparently, everyone had a blast, and the game has survived today.

Shock Ball

And now Hot Pohtaytoh has evolved into the Shock Ball. The Shock Ball plays just like the classic game – with one major alteration. This ball doesn’t want you to win. It wants you to drop it and lose. And to get you to drop it, the Shock Ball (as you probably have guessed) shoots out random electrical shocks (and lights up to make the experience more enjoyable). If you can hold onto the Shock Ball, you will quickly become the Shock Ball Champ. And everyone will know you have nerves of steel and a very unique hairstyle (you know, from all the shocks). Shocking fun for everyone.

The Shock Ball is approx. 2.5″ in diameter,has an auto off function (for a modicum of safety), and uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Warning: The Product Emits An Electric Shock. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for those under the age of 14. This is a novelty item, not a toy. May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers.

Price: $14.99 Buy here: ThinkGeek.com

Aurora Projector

Hot Plasma Simulation

The Japanese love the Aurora Borealis. It is said, according to Japanese myth, that a child conceived underneath the fiery plasmas undulating in the Earth’s magnetosphere will find great fortune. While I’m not sure that high-energy plasma slamming into the magnetic field of the earth funneling down towards the poles and expelling billions of electron-volts into the rarified air creating undulating ropes of pale colorful light can enhance the temporally-unrealized wealth of beings first meeting mitosis, but it certainly can result in spectacular run-on sentences… er, I mean, pretty lights.

The Aurora Palette uses three colored LEDs and frosted lenses to project twisting swirling misty lights on your wall or ceiling. Four triple-a batteries power it for hours and hours (up to 20). The controls are simple – On, Off, and Timer – which auto-shuts off after 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute intervals.

Plus, the lamp is hinged, so if you don’t feel like craning your neck to stare at the lightshow on the ceiling, you can tilt it vertically, and project on the wall instead. Pretty!

Aurora Projector


  • Size: H13 x W18.5 x D11 cm
  • Takes 4 AA batteries (not included)


Cube World Digital Stick People

Is Wonderbeings a word? We are gonna say ‘sure, why not?’ If you disagree, please politely put your complaint into the nearest bit bucket. Now then, back to the Wonderbeings that are Cube World digital stick-people.

What is Cube World?
Well, to explain it using the manufacturer’s slogan, Cube World is simply, ‘Stick People Sticking Together’. That’s not a bad first pass, but we are going to go one better and give you the inside scoop on just how interesting Cube World really is. Forget about Tamagotchis, these things are function before cute. But cute is present, trust us. Cube World is a complex community of digital people who live in boxes. They each have their own behavior set. The boxes they live in have magnetic contacts on four sides (conduits we might say) so that they might connect with other Cube World folks. When connected Cube World folks interact with one another in amazing ways. It’s that simple. And complex. And therein lies the fundamental pleasure with Cube World.

They have free will!
You can use the included motion sensors to shake ’em up a bit or even use the buttons to play games with each individual Cube World figure. But that’s not the fun part. The real fun is getting Cube World folks to interact by simply connecting one cube to another. When connected, you might find that one guy wants to move into the next cube for a while. What will he do? It all depends! They will start to interact most definitely. They are social creatures and will want to interact with one another and you’ll get to watch as they explore different ways to connect. Whip might try to wrangle Scoop’s dog to his Cube, and Dodger might toss his ball to Slim between Cubes. Nobody knows exactly what’s gonna happen when. And whenever you think you really know what’s going on, just move one cube to a different position, reconnect and you’ll be amazed yet again. Endless hours of happiness are bound to ensue.

Cube World Digital Stick People

Choose between SIX different sets:
Series 1

  • Dodger/Whip – Dodger(red) has a ball. Whip(yellow) has a rope.
  • Slim/Scoop – Slim(purple) has a stick. Scoop(orange) has a dog.

Series 2

  • Handy/Dusty – Handy(blue) is a handyman. Dusty(yellow) has a spraycan.
  • Mic/Hans – Mic(purpleyish) is a musician. Hans(blue-green) is a bodybuilder (ja!).

Series 3

  • Chief/Sparky – Chief(transparent blue) is a policeman. Sparky(transparent red) is a firefighter.
  • Toner/Dash – Toner(smoke) is an office worker. Dash(transparent green) works in the mail room.

New Cube World Playsets!

  • Block Party – Invite all your Cube World citizens to party hearty!
  • Global Getaway – Life is hard for the Cubies, give them a chance to relax!

Batteries are included. This is your chance. Rule your own Cube World and bring balance to the natural world.


Game of Thrones




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