Device Not Only Gets Drivers to Their Destination, But Also Does So with No Delays; Q4-LT Model to Be Featured at 2009 CES along with Other Advanced Nextar Products

Nextar(TM) , a designer and marketer of bold and new consumer electronic products with mass appeal, will soon be taking the wraps off of its latest GPS navigation unit, the Q4-LT. The unit includes a free lifetime subscription for live traffic reports that will be audible thru the vehicle’s radio system. The unit features USA and Canadian maps, which are provided on a 2GB SD card. Nextar will feature the unit at the upcoming 2009 CES in booth South 3-31753.

“As convenient and handy as a GPS device is, a major drawback, until now, has been its lack of affordable real-time information,” stated Eddy Zheng, Nextar founder. “Our new Nextar Q4-LT GPS unit eliminates that drawback as it provides live, up-to-the-second traffic reports for free. Users will know immediately if they will encounter any traffic problems that will slow their journey.”

The lifetime live traffic reports are provided at no additional charge and are available right out of the box. No activation will be required as the special feature will work the moment the system is turned on. Nextar is working with NAVTEQ(R) to provide users lifetime free traffic with discrete advertising and special promotions that are offered to users based on their location.

The unit includes a 4.3″ touch-screen display, 3D landmark and sign-post viewing, and a built-in speaker. 1.6-million points of interest, including hotels, shopping centers, gas stations, and restaurants, are included. Text-to-speech technology distinctly pronounces road names in a user-selected language of either English, Spanish, or French. Digital map data is supplied by NAVTEQ, the preeminent provider of comprehensive digital map information for automotive navigation systems.

The Nextar Q4-LT is the perfect traveling companion. In addition to its live traffic report capability, it also comes with the ability to play MP3 files as well as display JPEG images. A built-in antenna ensures signal reception. Power is supplied by a lightweight, built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. Accessories include: AC/DC adapter, car power adapter, USB cable, external RDS receiver, protection pouch, suction cup, and a stylus/touch pen.

The system measures 4.6″x 3.19″ x 0.8″ and weighs 2.3 pounds.

Pricing and Availability
The new Nextar Q4-LT navigation system with free live traffic reports will be available in Q3 2009 at leading retailers across the country. It has an SRP of $249.99 w/free lifetime traffic. The system is neatly packaged in an attention-grabbing full-color box.

Features Found in the Nextar Q4-LT Navigation System:

  • Touch-screen display: Provides interfacing capability while map is being viewed
  • Live traffic reports: Free lifetime subscription of live, up-to-the-second traffic reports keeps users apprised of traffic conditions
  • Built-in stereo speaker: Delivers navigational voice prompts as well as MP3 music in stereo; no extra wires or speaker to remember to connect
  • Text-to-speech: Safety feature that allows driver to keep eyes on the road while getting directions; clearly pronounces names of streets encountered during drive
  • 1.6 million points of interest: Name or description of a specific location that user may find useful or interesting; generally indicated by an icon on the map
  • NAVTEQ digital maps: Preeminent provider of comprehensive digital map information
  • Lithium -Ion battery: Lighter weight, holds charge longer, and does not suffer from memory effect compared to similar batteries; recharging feature assures system stays active
  • MP3 playing: Allows driver and/or passengers to listen to favorite MP3 files while in vehicle
  • JPEG viewing: View photos and other graphics while in vehicle
  • Built in antenna: Ensures reception of signal without running additional wires
  • Stylus: Allows user to point more accurately than using a finger to small areas on the display screen

See Nextar at 2009 CES
Nextar will be displaying, demonstrating, and taking orders for a variety of new, exciting products during 2009 CES including: portable navigation units, MP3/MP4 Players, Solar Powered Bluetooth(R) In-Car Speakers Kits and Digital Photo Frames. Dates are Thursday, January 8 through Sunday, January 11. Nextar products can be seen in the South 3-31753 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Pharos can help you get where you’re going, by telling you where you are! This powerful little unit is fully capable of providing you turn-by-turn directions with text-to-speech prompts make it easy to keep your eyes on the road while looking for a specific address or point of interest.

With ultra-sensitive 20-channel SiRFstarIII GPS, position accuracy down to less than five meters, on a full set of US street level maps, and millions of points of interest packed in for your pleasure, the PDR150 displays it all on a 3.5″ 16.7 million color screen.

Never get lost again!

 PHAROS PDR150 3.5\" PDA Portable GPS Navigation System

Price: $149.99 Buy here: PHAROS PDR150 3.5″ PDA Portable GPS Navigation System

ScanGauge II Automotive Computer

As a general rule geeks like to have access to as much data and statistics as possible. We pretty much figure this applies to a geek’s motor vehicle as well. So, to allow you to access extra information about your car we would like to introduce the ScanGauge II Automotive Computer. This gadget is easy to install and provides a set of digital gauges, a comprehensive trip computer, and an engine trouble code scan tool.

The digital gauges mode displays four different properties on the screen (for example, fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and engine speed). The trip computer tracks your vehicle’s maximum speed, average speed, driving time, driving distance, trip fuel economy and several other pieces of trip data. The engine trouble code scan tool lets you read standard engine trouble codes as well as clear the “check engine” light and other warning lamps.

The ScanGauge II is simple to use and install and mounts in, on or below the dash. It plugs into the diagnostic OBD-II connector found under the dash on 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. The functions are accessed viaa simple on-screen menu interface. There is an automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff and automatic power-up when engine is started. User and vehicle settings are automatically saved.

ScanGauge II Automotive Computer

Also has these features.

  • Reads engine trouble codes and can reset the “check engine” light
  • Trip computer that automatically tracks various elements of trip data
  • Expanded digital gauges (fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temp., etc.)
  • No tools needed to install – plugs into the OBD-II diagnostic connector
  • Simple menu driven operation
  • User-settable backlight color and brightness – 126 possible color/brightness settings
  • Batteries not required
  • Dimensions: 4.8″W x 1.5″H x 1″D
  • Connector cord length: 6 feet
  • User adjustable contrast and update rate (slow, normal and fast)
  • ScanGauge II compatibility list
  • Big display – 50% larger than the original ScanGauge
  • Cable detachable – can be connected on the back or side – RJ45 connection
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Price: $159.99 Buy here:

MotoSk8 motorized rollerblades

MOTOBOARD’s MOTOSK8s are made in the USA by precision computerized machinery. MOTOBOARD’s MOTOSK8s are designed to withstand your in-line skating needs. MOTOBOARD’s MOTOSK8s can support up to a 300 pound skater and the weight of the engine does not inhibit your skating ability. One MOTOSK8 is powered by a 22.5 cc two stroke engine and a precision gear drive that powers the rear wheel. this makes it possible to achieve a speed of approximately 25 mph. acceleration is controlled by a hand held throttle cable assembly and braking by a drag and cushion brake system.

MotoSk8 motorized rollerblades

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